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Epson PowerLite U50 Projector Review – Summary




The Epson PowerLite U50 is an excellent choice for multiple applications. In the education space, it is well suited for K-12 classrooms, conference rooms, and even small to medium-sized auditoriums or multi-purpose rooms. The speaker is loud enough to fill K-12 classrooms and conference rooms, but you’d want an external speaker system for those larger gathering spaces. It could even be used in smaller lecture halls and large university classrooms with a speaker system.


In the business space, the U50 has everything you need to take your presentations to the next level. With excellent color in multiple modes, including some of the brighter modes, you can rest assured that your presentations will look great, even in the face of some serious ambient light. This projector is well suited for conference rooms, boardrooms, training spaces, and trade show booths.

Special Features


The most notable features of the Epson PowerLite U50 are:

  • Wireless Capabilities
  • WUXGA Resolution
  • Extra-Long Lamp Life

The Epson PowerLite U50 can connect up to 50 devices including Chromebook, Mac and PC computers, iOS devices, and Android devices at a time using the iProjection app. Up to 4 screens can be displayed at a time.

The U50 has WUXGA resolution, which is the business and education world’s 1080p. Expect an ultra-sharp image and excellent text readability.

This Epson also has an extra-long lamp life of up to 17,000 hours, making this lamp-based projector a real rival to the more-expensive laser projectors on the market today.

Applications for This Model

Application Description
K-12 Classrooms Yes
Large University Classrooms Yes
Lecture Halls Yes
Auditoriums Yes
Museums No
Conference Room Yes
Meeting Room Yes

Projector Specs

Type Spec
Price $1,149.99
Resolution WUXGA (1920 x 1200)
Technology 3LCD
Lumens 3,700
Light Engine Lamp
Lamp Life 10,000 to 17,000 Hours
Warranty 2 Years Parts/Labor, 90 Days on Lamp


  • Excellent Color in Multiple Modes
  • Super Bright in Ambient Light
  • Wireless Capabilities


  • Remote is Not Backlit
  • Control Panel Only Has On/Off Button