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Epson PowerLite W29 Projector Review -- Special Features

Posted on May 25, 2016 by Art Feierman
Epson PowerLite W29 Projector Review -- Special Features: Software, PC-Free Display, MHL Like other PowerLite projectors, the W29 comes with 2 DVDs. One has its manual, although it and the Quick Set Up Guide are available online. The other disc contains several useful pieces of software that can help the projector to fit into a school or district’s IT landscape.

W29 Advanced Networking

Epson’s EasyMP Network Projection software lets you send presentations from the school’s LAN to up to four projectors at once.  The EasyMP Multi PC Projection program lets students and teachers connect with the PowerLite W29 projector.

Epson Easy-MP Capabilities

Easy-MP lets you transfer multiple pages across up to 4 projectors, for complex presentations

EasyMP, among its other major capabilities  also let's you project from any of multiple projectors across a local area network, so no need to be constantly switching cables for different presenters or students.

The projector also has LAN control covered. It can work with Crestron’s RoomView and AMX’s SchoolView systems.

Network main menu - controls wired and wireless network configuration and reporting

Network main menu - controls wired and wireless network configuration and reporting

There's an optional wireless module is also available.  Note that it is greyed out in the menu above, as one was not installed on this unit.  We have discussed the wireless module and its capabilities in other Epson reviews.  Epson offers this module option on dozens of projector models.  It supports standard and peer to peer networking.  It allows you to communicate directly with your tablets and phones, when using the appropriate Apps.  In conjunction with Easy-MP it allows you to stream movies as well.

Web Controls

With built-in networking, you can control the PowerLite W29 over a wired network. After plugging it in with a Cat-6 cable and setting the projector to project in LAN mode, the screen will show the projector’s IP address.

Once you’ve opened a browser window on a connected client, type that IP address and enter the PowerLite W29’s name and password (which are in the manual). At this point you can take over the projector. It opens up avenues of control including turning off all projectors at night and making sure they all have the same settings. You can do most of the things available through the control panel and remote, from brightness and color balance to split screen and iris control.


PC-Free Display

In addition to the expected ports for connecting a computer, DVD player or other source, the PowerLite W29 lets you leave the PC behind. If you put your work on a USB thumb drive and insert it into the projector’s USB port, it can directly project images and video. While this can help, it lacks the ability of several projectors to also display Office files and Acrobat .pdf files.

With the W29’s remote control you can pick what items to view as well as move images forward and back. The projector can also turn individual images into a slide show.

That can come in really handy, for example, Powerpoint let's you export an entire presentation as a series of JPGs that the W29's media player can run, and you can control.  There's even the ability to add transitions, etc.


MHL Support

In addition to being able to connect with phones and tablets via Epson’s iProjection app (for iOS and Android), you can connect a phone or tablet with an HDMI cable that conforms to the Mobile High Definition Link (MHL) specification. Fortunately, many of the latest phones do this and all you need is the right HDMI cable to send audio and video to the projector.

MHL also allows you to work with streaming sticks, which can be used in business and education settings as a way to present a wide variety of channels of information.

For example, for a meeting or classroom, using a streaming stick with the W29, one could access relevant special programming on the BBC channel, a stock market report, or one on the environment.

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