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Epson PowerLite W29 Projector Review -- Warranty

Posted on June 17, 2016 by Art Feierman

Epson W29 -- Warranty

For most business customers, Epson backs its PowerLite W29 projector with a comprehensive 2-year warranty on everything but the lamp, which is covered for 90 days. The company’s Brighter Futures program for schools extends it by a year to three-years. Happily, it includes the company’s Road Service replacement plan (US only), which should reduce the need for spare units in case of a break-down. The program will ship replacement projectors before they receive the broken ones and pay for the shipping. In most cases, if they get the order by 3PM Pacific, you’ll get the replacement shipped out the same business day.
Epson Road Service

Epson Road Service is a rapid replacement program

In the general price range, of the Epson W29 projector, warranties vary from a worst of 1 year parts and labor, no replacement or loaner program, to a best of 3 years, with a 3 year loaner or replacement program.  (Also popular is a 3 year with first year replacement or loaner.)

Overall, relative to the competition, the Epson warranty and support package is superior to most.  Since they provide an extra year with their Brighter Futures program for education, their warranty and support for schools is as good as any competitor.

Also worth noting, most end users prefer a replacement program to a loaner (it's all done quicker, less action items), but they prefer having either, relative to no program to get you back up and running quickly.

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