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InFocus IN126STa Projector Review - Special Features

Posted on March 31, 2015 by Art Feierman
INFOCUS IN126STa PROJECTOR:  Networking, Computer-Free Presentations, Long Lamp Life, Filter-Free Design


The IN126STa offers extensive networking support.  It can be managed along with other projectors from a central location and presentations can be delivered from a PC or Mac on the network to the projector.  Wired networking is built-in with a standard RJ45 Ethernet connector on the projector's rear panel.  InFocus offers an option wireless adapter, part number SP-WIFIUSB-2, for $29.  The IN126STa supports the popular Crestron Roomview(TM) and Crestron e-Control (TM) that can be used to manage and control the projector from a remote location.

The IN125STa also includes a RS232 serial communications connector for what are now 'old style' controllers.

InFocus also provides an application, in both PC and Mac versions, they call EZ Display.  EZ Display is an application which can run on the host PC/Mac. It helps connect your computer to a projector and transfer the desktop content to the connected projector via the local network connection.  EZ Display also is offered for use with mobile devices. EZ Display allows you to project your iOS or Android device display to a projector through a WiFi connection (requires the optional WiFi adapter). You can remotely control the projector, decode document files, link to your dropbox account, surf the web, view photos, display a live camera feed and transfer files wirelessly. You can even annotate documents, webpages and photos and save them for sharing.

Presentations can be controlled using the on-screen menus along with the projector's remote control or with the optional LiteBoard(TM) Wand (part number HW-LBWAND-02) that sells for $149 and acts like a wireless mouse.

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Computer-free Presentations

The IN126STa has excellent built-in support for displaying multi-media and document files.  You can have these files stored on a USB memory drive that is plugged into the projector's USB port, or you load the files into the projector's 2 GB of internal memory.  You can navigate and control the presentations using the projector's remote along with on-screen menus.  Several of the most common file types for photos, audio, and video are supported, and Acrobat files as well as Microsoft Word and Excel files can be directly read and displayed using the projector's built-in capabilities.

Long Lamp Life

InFocus specs the lamp life for the IN126STa at 3500 hours in high lamp mode and a very long 7000 hours in Eco mode.  On this model the Eco mode really isn't all that much dimmer than the high mode so if you may be able to get by using Eco mode and reduce the maintenance costs thru the longer lamp life.

Filter-free Design

Since the IN126STa does not require periodic cleaning or replacement of an air filter, this certainly reduces maintenance time and reduces costs.  This, along with a long lamp life, makes this projector suitable for commercial applications requiring high duty cycle operations.

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