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InFocus IN126STa Projector Review - Summary

Posted on March 31, 2015 by Art Feierman
INFOCUS IN126STa PROJECTORY:  Summary, Pros & Cons


The InFocus IN126STa is compact multimedia projector that is intended for business and education applications.  It offers very good support for the networking and multimedia functions and could readily be integrated into a business or school infrastructure where centralized management and control of multiple projectors is needed.

In terms of the projector's performance, on the plus side its projected picture has excellent contrast and good image sharpness (about average sharpness for this class of projector).  This model has excellent lamp life with a claimed 7000 hours in Eco mode, and on this model Eco mode isn't really all than much dimmer than the high power lamp mode.

The image brightness was good as compared to other DLP business/education projectors in this class, but the "color brightness" was significantly lower than many of the 3LCD projectors of this class.  This projector, like many other single chip DLP business/education projectors, adds white light to the primary colors to boost image brightness, but at the cost of degraded color accuracy.  When the white intensity is decreased to produce a more accurate picture, the image brightness decreases significantly.

Finally, as I noted in the previous section of this review, I came across several issues that impact the usability of the projector and the ability adjust the projector to improve the image accuracy when using the HDMI input.

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  • long lamp life (based on manufacturer's rating)
  • low maintenance with no air filter to replace
  • excellent image contrast (better than competing 3LCD business/education projectors)
  • excellent multimedia support for presentations from PCs, MACs and mobile devices
  • computer-free presentations from files stored in the 2GB internal memory or on a USB flash drive
  • very good support for network-based management and control
  • short throw design reduces typical installation cost



  • standard warranty over covers projector for 1 year
  • color brightness well below competing non-DLP projectors
  • use of white light to boost white brightness degrades overall image accuracy (typical of virtually every single chip DLP projector not designed for home theater use)
  • issues with remote responsiveness and menu highlight colors impact usability
  • cannot calibrate color balance/grey scale when using HDMI signal input (only important when extremely accurate color demanded)


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