InFocus IN126STa Projector Review – Warranty


The InFocus IN126STa includes a warranty on the projector that covers parts and labor for just one year. The lamp is warranted for 6 months and the accessories have a warranty of 90 days. The 6 months on the lamp is better than several other manufacturers 90 day coverage, but many other manufacturers provide at least 2 year coverage for projectors of this class.  Infocus does offer optional extended warranty plans that add one or two additional years of coverage.  For $75 you can extend the warranty for two additional years (3 years total) and the extended warranty includes a projector exchange service.  So the bottom line is the standard warranty is rather short with only 1 year of coverage, but the optional extended warranty is a cost effective way to obtain enhanced warranty coverage at a reasonable price.

Current dealer prices for InFocus IN126STa

SellerState taxPriceDescription
Projector People 
Projector People
FL 779.00Free Shipping! In Stock Now! 30 day no-hassle guarantee and FREE lifetime tech support from projector experts. We are an authorized dealer.
Projector SuperStore 
Projector SuperStore
AZ 779.00The InFocus IN126STa short throw projector combines short throw, widescreen resolution, high brightness, networking, optional interactivity and low cost ? making it perfect for the classroom, office or other tight space.

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