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InFocus IN2116 DLP Projector - Review Summary

Posted on April 26, 2010 by Art Feierman

InFocus IN2116 Projector: Bottom Line

The bottomline on the InFocus IN2116 and IN2114 is that the two projectors perform well but it is hard to give them high praise. The brightness levels are adequate, but the measured lumens fell far from the reported brightness. Color reproduction is much improved over previous InFocus projectors and when the projector is in high brightness mode, you can expect a very high brigtness level and decent colors. The InFocus' ability to handle higher resolutions than their native proved to rather impressive. Although I could not recommend one use the projector in higher resolutions than the native all the time, for certain parts of a presentation that require it, the IN2116 and IN2114 will be able to do the job. As mentioned previously in the review, the IN2116 and IN2114 do not support DVI, HDMI or type of pure digital signal, but since it does accept component video through the VGA input 2, you will still be able to view high definition material without a problem. And I should say, it performs quite well. Finally, maintenance wasn't as easy and straightforward as most projectors since the door to the lamp is under the control panel, but the fact that you can still replace the lamp without taking down the projector from a ceiling mount, does still make it an economical projector for the K-12 market.

InFocus IN2116 Projector: Pros & Cons

InFocus IN2116 Projector: Pros

  • Filter free technology so no filter to clean or replace
  • Can be projected on different color surfaces selecting preset color modes
  • Sharp image even when projecting higher than native resolutions
  • Control panel on the top of the projector controls all projector functions
  • Can be controlled through a web browser using LAN RJ45 port

InFocus IN2116 Projector: Cons

  • For very specific applications color may need adjustment
  • Not easy to setup since there is just one adjustable leg in the rear
  • Measured brightness was considerably lower that shown in specs
  • Not a ultra short throw, so projector has to be relatively far back for large images.

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