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JVC DLA-HD250 Projector - Image Quality4

Posted on August 3, 2011 by Art Feierman

Shadow Detail Performance

Click to enlarge. so close. This JVC did very well on shadow detail. It wasn't spectacular, but solid. As it turns out, the Epson 8700UB bested it in my favorite scenes, which is interesting, as the 8700UB reviewed much better than previous Epson UBs. This was the first time in the 4 years of UBs and high contrast JVC's that the Epson revealed more dark shadow detail, than the "entry level" (though more expensive), JVC. Difference isn't great, but the JVC really seems to be about average compared to the competition, while a few others do better work in this regard.

Don't sweat it, there's plenty of dark shadow detail there. We really are talking very subtle differences, when actually watching content. In the train scene below, it's not exactly like you are staring at the shrubs when the scene is playing. You are watching the train, and it's headlight (the brightest thing on your screen at that point.

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Click to enlarge. so close. Night train scene from Casino Royale, the JVC is on the left. You can tell the JVC is a bit brighter, but even considered, it should have a slight advantage on the Mitsubishi HC9000D on the right. Check out those shrubs on the far right, behind the railroad tracks.

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Click to enlarge. so close. JVC vs. Mitsubishi. The Mitsubishi isn't quite as bright (we can never get two, to be identical)

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Thumbnail Comparison







Below is a heavily overexposed scene from Lord of the Rings. The overexposure lets you see all the details in the shed on the right, the structure on the left, and the plants and ground along the lower right. The DLA-HD250U performs very nicely.

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