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JVC DLA-HD250 Projector Overview2

Posted on August 3, 2011 by Art Feierman

The JVC DLA-HD250 is a larger medium sized projector, but hardly huge. It sports a 2:1 zoom lens, and is fully motorized for zoom, focus and lens shift. The DLA-HD250 has a gray black flat finish, unlike the black shiny piano finish of the older RS15. The lines are clean, but I miss the shiny black. Inputs are along the right side (viewed from the front), instead of in the back. That gives you a little more room, for rear shelf mounting, by not having cables and connectors sticking out the back.

JVC is legendary for their black level performance, and despite the DLA-HD250 being the entry level of JVC home theater projectors, it's black levels are essentially the equal or better than any other projectors near its price. Want a projector with significantly better blacks - folks that's going to cost you 2.5x as much, as I can't think of anything significantly better short of JVC's own DLA-RS50, at $7999!

This JVC home theater projector has very good color performance, but lacking the more sophisticated controls found on other JVC's and many other projectors, it can't be as finely honed as those with full CMS support. None-the-less the JVC puts up some really good skin tones, which is the first thing to look for. If skin tones look right, then almost everything else has to.

This is a projector targeted at home theater enthusiasts, and anyone who just wants a particularly exceptional looking projector, and is shopping in the JVC's budget range. Having owned it's "grandfather" the original DLA-RS1, I can attest to the overall picture quality of the even better HD250.



Warning for those who are hard core enthusiasts, and do their own tweaking and calibrating, and normally can't leave their projector alone without adjusting something for any reasonable time: The lack of a full CMS may take some of the fun out of your "hobby" if that's going to bother you, look elsewhere. We can't have you bored.

For those of you who only watch the content, and never "notice" the projector, only that everything looks great, the HD250 is right up your alley, it's got the performance, without all the gadgets.

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