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JVC DLA-HD250 Projector Review

Posted on August 3, 2011 by Art Feierman
JVC's DLA HD250 home theater projector is their first enty priced low enough to compete against some of the much higher volume projectors in the $2000 to $3500 price range. While still near the high point of that range, it's price is low enough for JVC, to generate some serious sales, if still not in the volume league of the Epson Optoma and Panasonic, projectors. How does it stack up?

Specs Preview

JVC DLA-HD250 Specs
Price 2995
Technology D-ILA Projector
Native Resolution 1920x1080
Brightness (Manufacturer Claim) 1000
Contrast 25,000:1
Zoom Lens Ratio 2:1
Lens Shift No
Lamp Life 2000 hours at full power, "more than 2000 hours" in low power
Weight 24.3 lbs. (10.8 Kg)
Warranty Two Years Parts and Labor

DLA-HD250 Projector Highlights

JVC DLA-HD250 Projector Overview

Until the DLA-HD250 and it's identical sibling projector, the JVC DLA-HD250Pro, JVC hasn't offered a modern home theater projector under $4495. Bingo, these two JVC's - the one we received to review was the DLA-HD250, from their consumer division. The DLA-HD250Pro is actually an identical projector from their Pro division. The biggest difference, is really the $4 difference in MSRP. This JVC DLA-HD250 is $2995, and the HD250Pro, four dollars more.

In the past, JVC has offered us 3 different models, in each of the last two years. This year, those three projectors from last year, got bigger, and added 3D capability. Pricing stayed faily similar with the JVC X3 and RS40, still in the $4000s, the X7 (consumer) and RS50 around $8000, and the X9 and RS60 at dollars under $12,000.

So, where did JVC's HD250 and HD250Pro come from? Really, they are reworked RS15 projectors from last year, or more accurately, the RS10 from the year before. I say that because these JVC DLA-HD250 projectors lack the CFI - smooth motion - which JVC calls Clear Motion. The RS15 had it, the older RS10 didn't. All are in the same case (although finishes differ). Today's other new JVC projectors are physically much larger.


Other than that, these two new, low cost JVCs differ primarily by price, compared to their predecessors. Just think, you are getting a projector very similar to the original RS1 or the later RS10, which respectively sold for under $5500 and in the mid-$4000s, respectively

$2995 starts looking awfully impressive, and that's the point. It may not be the most feature laden (no CFI, no 3D...), but it is a top performing projector in terms of black levels and overall picture quality. The DLA-HD250's predecessors were top projectors at their price points. That makes these HD250's a virtual steal, with a 1/3 lower price, at the cost, mostly of just losing CFI! Works for me.

It wasn't even worth a lot of thought, this HD250 definitely deserves our Hot Product award!

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