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JVC HD250 - Review Summary-2

Posted on August 4, 2011 by Art Feierman

Below, enjoy our summary of the JVC DLA-HD250 projector's pros and cons and capabilities. Not done with this page, will be edited and finished 8/6 -a

JVC DLA-HD250 Projector - The Bottom Line

JVC DLA-HD250 Brightness

Very typical for an LCoS projector, the HD250 offers up a calibrated 650 lumens at midpoint on the zoom (more if placed closer, less from further - see the Performance page for details).

Placement flexibility is excellent, close to the best. the 2:1 zoom should work in just about every room. The only real limitation is that some projectors have a little more vertical lens shift. Only a very few projectors, like the Panasonic PT-AE4000 and the Epson projectors have a bit more vertical lens shift. JVC, though motorizes theirs, for convenience (lens shift as well as zoom and focus). By comparison, most projectors with lens shift, tend to have manual shift. As to zoom and focus about half of the home theater projectors sold out there have those motorized.

Fancy features:

The JVC DLA-HD250 projector has a decent, but not extensive feature set once you get pasted the fully motorized lens features. It does have a detail enhancement feature, but, as noted, lacks the Creative Frame Interpolation (CFI) that JVC's higher end models have. The HD250 relies on Silicon Optix' Reon-VX image processing, which is clean and highly regarded. It is used by the other JVC's and many other fine projectors from other brands, including Epson and Mitsubishi. No issues there

The very bottom line:

The JVC HD250 is a great value, and for that we offer our Hot Product Award. This JVC is the first one ever, affordable enough to compete in our $2000 - $3500 Class, for Best In Class award. (Those will be out late August 2011.)

The JVC will be one of the most expensive in that class, but also definitely one of the best.

My original RS1 - the true forefather of the HD250, was almost $8000. I sold mine (cheap at the time) with over 2000 hours on it, for almost $3000. Today, you can buy a slightly updated version, so to speak, brand new, with a warranty, for the same price!

Simply stated, picture wise, the HD250 is a well behaved projector. No nasties. Not quite excellent color, but that will only dissapoint a few percent of home theater projector shoppers, and it won't bother any of their friends...

It's very bright in its best mode, compared to the average, and can handle above average sized screens thanks to that. In brightest, it could use more for us sports fans, and TV viewers.

Just remember, like previous JVCs, this one does not have a computer input (analog), so plan on HDMI, or some real jerryrigging, if you do want to run your computer though this projector.

I loved my JVC RS1. The HD250 is slightly better. If you've got the $3K, don't care about 3D, or CFI - smooth motion, don't worry about the more expensive than most, replacement lamp cost, and other minor points, this is a projector you can live with for a very long time! Enjoy.

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