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JVC DLA-HD250 Projector: Pros, Cons, and Typical Capabilities

Posted on August 4, 2011 by Art Feierman
Below, a short list of strengths, weaknesses, and a few things that are just plain old average - typical!

JVC DLA-HD250 Projector: Pros

  • Excellent black level performance for a projector in its price range
  • Very nicely above average best mode brightness measured 758 lumens
  • Really very good color
  • Remote has good layout
  • Very good shadow detail
  • A quiet projector, even at full lamp power
  • Has the brightness in best mode to handle screens up to 130" diagonal in a theater room
  • Great value proposition

JVC DLA-HD250 Projector: Cons

  • Minor oversaturation of reds (slight "sunburned look")
  • No color management system
  • Lamp life could be longer, and lamps could cost less (higher than typical)
  • Lacks CFI
  • Lacks Computer input (can use HDMI, or work around the component input
  • I miss the shiny piano finish of the old RS15, replaced by flat gray/black
  • Remote could use more range

JVC DLA-HD250 Projector: Typical Capabilities

  • Selection of inputs
  • 2000/3000 hour lamp life is definitely the short side of average these days.
  • Documentation (I'm still waiting to see a projector that really does provide good explanations of all the menu functions). Actually it's pretty good, just nothing truly noteworthy.
  • Size (for an LCoS projector) Although the 3D capable JVC's and Sony's are definitely a size larger
  • Warranty - standard limited 2 years parts and labor

As we finish here with an image from the movie Star Trek, it occurs to me, that perhaps the image that best reflects the feel of the RS15's abilities, is the one of Captain Pike, found back on the first page.

Other than that, a nap, a meal, another review. Stay tuned!

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