JVC DLA-RS20 Projector Calibration and Settings3

JVC DLA-RS20 Post Calibration Grayscale

Here’s what we ended up with in measuring the grayscale. All the Color Temp and CMS settings are listed further down. Since then I have made minor changes to the color temp settings. I have not remeasured, but these should be close to our most recent best settings.

20 IRE6418K (very dark gray)
30 IRE6540K (dark gray)
40 IRE6716K
50 IRE6792K (medium gray)
60 IRE6659K
70 IRE6623K
80 IRE6557K (light gray)
90 IRE6453K
100 IRE6423K (white)

That’s not by any means exceptional tracking of the color temp, but it is a very reasonable one. More importantly oversaturation of individual colors has been dealt with, and the bottom line is a much better image than you will see on other projectors that track a little closer to 6500K.


Gamma settings

The gamma controls on the RS20 allow for detailed customization, including different gamma curves for each primary color! So far I’ve only tinkered there. I have found the provided gamma presets B and C to do a very good job, although I definitely prefer B for most content, C seems to work well for the rest. My personal favorite overall, is the B gamma setting. It provides a little extra pop to the image in most scenes, and looks great, doing it, while still maintaining a very film-like image.

Overall, Mike reports that the B gamma is very close to the ideal 2.2 over most of the IRE range. C averaged a bit high at 2.32 gamma, which gives you a bit darker image in the mid-range IREs.

JVC DLA-RS20 RGB Settings

These are the adjustments we made to Red, Green and Blue for the grayscale balance of Cinema 2 mode. This is accomplished by placing these adjustments into one of the three Custom settings (1, 2, or 3)


Color Temp settings

GainRed: -2 

Green: -8

Blue: -49

OffsetRed: -3 

Green: -2

Blue: 0

CMS Settings

RedH= -2S= -23B= 9
YellowH= 3S= -25B= 15
GreenH= -10S= -25B= 18
CyanH= -1S= -30B=12
BlueH= 0S= -10B= 15
MagentaH= -1S= -12B= 10

That’s it folks. If these combined settings work as well in your JVC DLA-RS20, as they do in this one, you should be most pleased! A most impressive picture! Once again though, please consider that, with a projector in this price range, the cost of a good calibration is not a significant additional expense. More to the point, proper calibration will really deliver improved performance!

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