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JVC DLA-RS20 Projector - Image Quality9

Posted on January 26, 2009 by Art Feierman

JVC DLA-RS20U Projector: Performance, HDTV and Sports

The images above and below are from a Moody Blues Concert that has been broadcast in HD, and is also available on Blu-ray disc. Once again, the great black levels make these images stand out.

Sports looked very good, using THX or our calibrated Cinema 2 mode. Below is a sequence showing how the RS20 performs under different lighting conditions in my room (which was recently painted in this rust color). I took photos with one of the door shades about half open, then slightly open, then closed. For all three, the shutters on the stairs window was in the same position. For the shot taken with the shades full down, moderately low overhead lighting was added. The doors and windows face south so the sun is shining directly in, when these were taken. You can also see the amount of light hitting around the screen, on the front wall, and on the speakers in the larger football images.

The shade is lowered most of the way down, but still allowing some sunlight in. That light illuminates the back wall, as seen in the second shot. Then you see a screenshot of the football game taken in this lighting. Not bad, just a little washing out of the blacks (not quite this bad in real life) but a most watchable image.


The shades are fully down, yet you can see there's still modest lighting in the room. With this shades setup, and my overhead lights on at moderately low levels, you can see that the image does not appear washed out at all!

slightly better exposure than the one above, and cropped to eliminate distractions. As you can see, that's an excellent picture, with a reasonable, low level of room lighting.

The HDTV broadcast of the 2009 Rose Bowl game with the Stealth bomber flying overhead before the start of the game. I was there, and can tell you that was a rather amazine experience. The bomber's wingspan was probably as wide as the field. In this case, even watching on my big screen with a great projector, was not even a semblance of the real life experience! Very cool!

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