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JVC DLA-RS60 Menus

Posted on March 1, 2010 by Art Feierman

JVC sticks with their rather very well laid out menu structure. I've owned JVC's for the last 3 years, and I have no complaints of note about the menus.

Since I did not do a photo shoot before returning the projector to JVC to "check it out", I'm leaving in the whole menu section from last year's RS35

There is the addition of some 3D controls, but beyond that the menus remain pretty much the same.

The RS60's menus will of course be the same as the RS50's. I've never worked with JVC's consumer group, so I don't know if the X7 and X9 projectors look exactly the same, or if they get a different treatment.

OK from last year's review (until an RS50 or RS60 show up).

Most of the image goodies are found on the Picture menu, which is the first main menu in the top right when the main menu is open.

DLA-RS25 menu picturemode

DLA-RS25 menu picture advanced

DLA-RS25 menu pixeladjust3

DLA-RS25 menu colortemp

DLA-RS25 menu gamma

Besides the usual Brightness, Contrast, Color Saturation, etc., the Picture menu has a Gamma sub menu, and and Advanced sub-menu which has sharpness, and the all important CMS (color management system).  This year we have the addition of CFI - creative frame interpolation, which JVC calls Clear Motion Drive, as shown on the Picture Adjust, Advanced menu on the right. JVC has placed those choices in the Advanced menu, off of the Picture menu. That's a good place for it.

The Pixel Adjust menu allows the JVC to digitally shift the red, green, or blue, data by one pixel up/down/left/right. This means that if a JVC projector has any pixel misalignment greater than 1/2 pixel diameter (it can be corrected to less than that).

This menu is the Color Temp menu for doing the basic grayscale adjustments. Sorry, I have no image to show you of the CMS, although it's fairly typical in capability.

Our final menu is the gamma control menu, which is extremely flexible.

Not only can you adjust the gamma of white, but also you can do each primary color separately. Further, the JVC RS60 comes with Normal, and 4 additional gamma presets, plus it allows you to save three of your own custom settings. Note also, that when doing so you can adjust each IRE point separately.

I also like the grayscale provided on the screen, which gives you a good idea if you are crushing blacks or whites too much, or expanding them the way you want. A great Gamma control.

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