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JVC DLA-RS60 Shadow Detail

Posted on March 1, 2010 by Art Feierman

Shadow Detail Performance

One of the first movies I watched parts of using the RS60 was Casino Royale. That night train scene is a great one for observation. I get up, walk close to the screen, and take a good look at how much dark shadow detail is still there in the trees and bushes on the right.


Based on Mike's calibrated RS60, I consider the RS60 to be effectively identical to the RS35. In neither case are we recovering all the detail. There are other projectors that do it better. Of course the fact that everything is so dark on the JVC, just makes it harder for our eyes to see those subtleties. It's easier to resolve dark detail when everything's brighter.

Overall, the RS60 does very well, and no doubt by customizing the gamma further, even more will be resolved.

Below are groups of images, showing the JVC's performance on shadow detail and black levels compared to many of the other 1080p projectors out there.

The first set of comparison images is from Space Cowboys. This is a very dark scene with Clint Eastwood on Blu-ray disc. The photos are intentionally way overexposed. Look for the blacks in the shades, and the details in those shades in the form of the white trim. (At this level of overexposure, don't even worry about the skin tones, as in these types of overexposed photos they always look terrible).

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