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JVC DLA-RS60 Projector Review

Posted on March 20, 2011 by Art Feierman

Specs Preview

JVC DLA-RS60 Specs
Price 11995
Technology LCoS
Native Resolution 1920x1080
Brightness (Manufacturer Claim) 1300
Contrast 100,000:1
Zoom Lens Ratio 2:1
Lens Shift Yes
Lamp Life 3000 hours "longer in standard lamp mode" (low power)
Weight 32.8
Warranty 3 years

DLA-RS60 Projector Highlights

  • Best black level performance of any projector we've seen
  • 3D as well as 2D - uses
  • THX, for excellent color right out of the box
  • 1300 lumens claimed @ 8500K in the past they rated at D65 - a more realistic setting.
  • Brightness in "best" mode for 2D is about average
  • Brightness is below average in "brightest" mode, when you need extra lumens for ambient light, this JVC has little to spare, at least for those of us with fairly large screens
  • Limited Brightness for 3D viewing
  • Best black level performance I have ever seen, that wasn't a CRT projector. Basically the same as the RS25, but a touch better
  • CFI - Creative frame interpolation for "smooth" sports (and for some, movies)
  • Motorized zoom lens with plenty of range - 2:1, suitable for ceiling or rear shelf mounting
  • Adjustable vertical and horizontal lens shift, very good range, but not quite as much range as some, but not bad at all!
  • Excellent black level performance achieved without having a dynamic iris, but manual iris is provided to adjust overall brightness
  • Exceptionally sharp image
  • A first class projector with a price to match

JVC DLA-RS60 Projector Overview

All photos of movies and sports seen in this review are from the JVC DLA-RS60 projector's predecessors, the RS35 and RS25, unless otherwise noted.

The JVC DLA-RS60 home cinema projector, is sold by JVC's Pro group. JVC's consumer group sells the virtually identical DLA-X9, to a different set of dealers.

The JVC RS60, like the other two new Reference Standard projectors, the RS40 and RS50, are 2D and 3D capable projectors. This year's RS projectors are physically larger than last year's projectors, making them rather large indeed.

As with the previous series, the RS60 is power everything - zoom, focus, and lens shift. Essentially, the DLA-RS60 is in many ways, almost identical to last year's model. The key differences, are the addition of 3D, and an increase in lumens. The HDMI ports have been upgraded to HDMI 1.4a, as the Blu-ray 3D standard calls for HDMI 1.4, not the 1.3 in almost all existing home theater projectors.

Experience tells us a lot about JVC, and little has changed. I expected to see a projector that looks rather excellent right out of the box, with natural skin tones, and I definitely expected a projector with sensational black level performance.

One thing about 3D projectors: Generally, the first generation of home theater 3D projectors are dealing with a brightness challenge. For this reason, no doubt, JVC has brought out a projector that specs say is more than 40% brighter than last year's JVC projectors. (That's going from 900 to 1300 lumens.)

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