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JVC RS60 Black Levels & Shadow Detail 2

Posted on March 1, 2010 by Art Feierman

Image time: For those of you unfamiliar with our reviews, we like to show you samples from multiple projectors to make some points. Any differences between the RS35 and the RS60 over all, are going to be slight. Since we cannot show you RS60 shots, the older ones will have to provide some perspective:

First is a seriously overexposed shot of the starship in The Fifth Element. Note, that even with this ridiculous level of overexposure, the blacks in the image and the letterbox are still not dramatically brighter than black, if you compare it to the image right below. Immediately below it, is a less overexposed version, which is also better for comparing with the same image in older reviews.

In this first image, I have left in part of the letterboxing, so you can see the basic black level more easily. Immediately below, from The Fifth Element, our favorite starship image - overexposed. The first overexposed image, is the RS60, followed by the Sony VW85, and then the RS25. (The RS60 overexposed and regular images will be added within 24 hours if they can be found. (They are lost, and I must find them.)

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