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JVC DLA-X55 Projector - Performance 3

Posted on July 16, 2013 by Art Feierman

JVC DLA-X55R Sharpness

Here's where we usually take a look at the sharpness compared to a few competitors using a closeup of the Playstation 3's main screen.  The image used for the JVC X55 has e-Shift turned on to HD.

Viewsonic Pro9000
Panasonic PT-AE8000U
Sharp XV-Z30000

JVC DLA-X55R: Bottom Line Sharpness

Standard sharpness is a bit soft as expected, compared to good single chip DLP projectors when you don't engage e-Shift.  Add e-Shift, and depending on settings.  E-Shift is cool, but it is a dynamic detail enhancement system.  It can make the image look sharper, even a lot sharper, but, the trade-off against a natively sharper projector, is that at times, your picture (if you are using more than the Film e-Shift setting - the one with the lowest affect) may be oversharpened, and over detailed and look unnatural.  Have fun with it, though.  Overall, used judiciously, it's excellent.  Only Sony's Reality Creation is likely to do better - but I have not been able to compare to the two, side by side.  I would give the advantage to JVC compared to Epson's Super-Resolution.


X55R Light Leakage

No matter, the blacks are black enough with the JVC DLA-X55 R projector, that they are barely visible on the screen, or a white wall, unless there's no other light - no image on the screen, and your eyes have had a chance to adjust.   If there's any sort of picture up on the screen, and you have typical darker walls

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