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JVC DLA-X55 Projector - Performance 4

Posted on July 16, 2013 by Art Feierman

DLA-X55R Image Noise

Other than noise generated by the various dynamic controls including Clear Motion (CFI) and MPC (for e-Shift), overall the JVC looks pretty good.  Tackling that tough panning scene (at 24fps) near the beginning of RED, the X55 did a little better than some, but still had a touch too much jumping.   Background image noise was very good.

3D was a dramatic improvement over last year's projector in general. Afterall, crosstalk is a type of image noise.  Last year's JVC's were pretty weak in 3D in part due to more crosstalk than any other projectors near the price.  Not so this year.  I was impressed by the improvement, and also by how good the finished product is.  It now certainly rivals any of the other non DLP projectors when it comes to 3D.  Note: Technically DLP single chip projectors don't have crosstalk.

JVC DLA-X55R Audible Noise

For a large projector, it's not as quiet at full power, as you might expect.  It's not bad though.  Probably high - right around 30 db is my guess.  It's definitely a little quieter than the Epson UB projectors and noisier than the Sony HW50ES (and likely the VW95ES - but it's been quite a while since I played with the 95ES.)

Switch to Low power, and the projector becomes very reasonably quiet - no issues there, not even (I think) for those most sensitive to audible noise.

Back to full power.  When the JVC's running in High lamp, sitting 3 feet from the projector, it's fan noise is almost completely drowned out by my Sony PS3 when its fan is on high.  The PS3, however sits 8 feet from me. As with most projectors, we could hope for quieter at full power, but mostly you won't notice it - it's steady, and relatively low pitched - unless you hit a really quiet scene.  Even then, it's likely to be like sitting in the kitchen - you tend not to notice the sound your refrigerator makes when running - at least not until it turns off, then you think "ah, the refrigerator noise just went away".

No more issues with audible noise than other projectors in the price range, and a little quieter than some.

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