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JVC DLA-X55 R Projector - Image Quality 3

Posted on July 15, 2013 by Art Feierman

JVC DLA-X55R - Overall Color & Picture Quality

Hard not to appreciate the picture of the JVC DLA-X55R, but for $5000 it's not quite the best out there.  It is, however, a serious contender.  I have to describe the color accuracy, and naturalness of the X55 to be extemely good, but there is some real competition.  I figure, calibrated, the JVC and the Epson are roughly comparable in the naturalness of the picture, especially skin tones.

That said, last year's more expensive JVC DLA-X70R was better (than the X55) at both color and naturalness of the picture. (My subjective assessment.)  I'll aso say that both Sonys - the HW50ES and VW95ES - and the Runco RS-5 are more natural looking.

Again, we're dealing with overall great looking images on all these projectors, and worrying about the last 1%, so to speak.  Few of us really would choose one of these great projectors based on these differences.  It's more likely that other factors come into play.  For example, if you were considering the less expensive Sony HW50ES against this JVC projector, and you are primarily a movie viewer who has the room for a 2.35:1 "Cinemascope screen", it would be no contest.  The JVC has the Lens Memory feature that makes that easy.  Even if you could slap an anamorphic lens and sled on the Sony, it would work, but the Sony would now be noticeably more expensive.

Bottom line:  Looks great, skin tones and overall picture are extremely good, as is shadow detail.  Black levels are really excellent.

Only we serious enthusiasts are going to quibble about the differences in picture between most of the projectors I've just mentioned. You will truly enjoy the picture here, if the projetor has the other things you need.

For your consideration: Here are additional JVC DLA-X55R images, some of which can be found on other reviews for comparison purposes.

The bottom line on overall picture quality

Great, but not the absolute best picture for the price once calibrated.  Very good, but not exceptional "right out of the box".  Black levels and dynamic range are excellent.  Color, shadow detail, and overall naturalness of the picture are truly impressive, but are not the best.

Further, JVC puts a lot of stock in their e-Shift and MPC processing for it.

The thing is only the Film setting doesn't take an obvious toll on the naturalness of the picture, and even it exacts a minor price.  By the time you use the stronger MPC / e-shift settings, contrast is obviously boosted, making the image look visibly less natural. That's the price for a seemingly sharper, more detailed image - one that's not as natural looking.

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