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LG CF3D Projector Screen Recommendations

What makes a 3D capable screen (for passive projectors)? I can’t give you the technical explanation, but let’s say that there are a number of them available. I have here a Da-Lite 3D screen (although the version I have definitely has a significant hot spot issue). I’ve also worked briefly with a Stewart screen, which was much brighter (and probably far more expensive) but only briefly. It seemed much more impressive, and as a result, I’ve asked Stewart to provide one for my new main theater.

It will be part of a Stewart Daily Dual screen system, a new configuration, which the way I’ve ordered it, will have a fixed 3D screen on the wall, and a motorized Studiotek 130 on a frame in front of it. When the Studiotek comes down, it covers the 3D, and is close enough that it shouldn’t require refocusing (we’ll see about that). Because the new theater has full light control and dark ceiling, walls, and flooring, it’s a pretty ideal setup for a Studiotek 130. Both screens will be 130 inches diagonal, but at 2.40:1 Cinemascope aspect ratio. Since the LG doesn’t support an anamorphic lens, I’ll have to overshoot the screen at top and bottom (if there is letterboxing), if I use the whole screen. More likely, though, I’ll watch most things in 16:9, using the 16:9 maximum image of that screen – which is almost a perfect 100″ diagonal. I look forward to a really bright 100″ 3D image.

There is also a new testing room. It looks now, like that one will have two 3D capable screens – the Da-Lite I currently have, and the Screen Innovations Black Diamond, which claims solid 3D perferformance, but I’ve yet to see it in action, doing 3D, however, from what I’ve heard, It should perform well, and not have any real issue with hot spots.