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Mitsubishi HC6000: 1080p Home Theater Projector Review - Image Quality 3

Posted on September 26, 2007 by Art Feierman

Black Levels and Shadow Detail Comparison

Mitsubishi HC6000
Mitsubishi HC6000 OverLarge





Clicking on the first image will give you an overexposed image from the HC6000, while clicking on the second one, will show you the Sharp XV-Z20000 DLP projector, which in my opinion, when reviewed, had the best black levels of any of the 1080p DLP projectors, and was close to the JVC RS1.

The exposures, are a bit different, but, if you look into the dark areas on the right, at the partially lit up peaks, you get a good feel. The Sharp still has the advantage, but this is not a drastic difference by any means, and the HC6000 sells for about half the price.

Now, to further put things in perspective, here is a similar image from the HC4900 review, the HC6000's economy version:


Black Levels and Shadow Detail Comparison

Mitsubishi HC6000
Sharp XV-Z20000




The HC4900 is even more overexposed than the other two images, and so you can see a bit more detail, but to do so, you also acknowledge that the "blacks" are now a medium gray. With this same exposure the other two projectors would easily match the shadow details, but still have blacks that resemble black, not medium gray.

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