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Mitsubishi HC6000 Home Theater Projector Review - General Performance 3

Posted on September 26, 2007 by Art Feierman

Mitsubishi HC6000 Projector Brightness

The HC6000 performed almost exactly the same as the HC5000. Not surprising since they are both rated at 1000 lumens. In reality, last year's HC5000 measured a bit higher, but there is a key difference. Last year's review had a brand new HC5000 production projector, whereas this review projector is one of only two pre-production samples in the US, and it's common for pre-production units to be less bright. In addition, this HC6000 projector arrived with about 120 hours on it, so has probably lost 5% to 10% of the lamp's brightness.


For all measurements, the zoom lens was as close to in the middle of its range as I could get it. That would mean, that with the lens, instead, in full wide angle the HC6000 should produce almost 30% more lumens, and about 30% less in full telephoto.

The combination of Sports (gamma) and High Bright (Color temp) mode, measured 743 lumens.

In my calibrated version of Cinema mode, the output was 449 lumens.

In Video (gamma) / medium (color temp), output was almost identical at 458 lumens.

Running the lamp in low power mode dropped brightness about 26% more than is typical for projectors (20% is most common). Running the lamp less hard than other projectors do in their low power modes may be in part responsible for Mitsubishi's claim of 5000 hours lamp life in low power mode, whereas most are rated 3000 hours, in low.

HC6000 Projector - Light Leakage

When it comes to light leakage, the HC6000 is excellent, with essentially no light leakage. The leakage comes out the lens, but is very dim, compared to a "black" screen. It's minimal enough to not being worth considering.

Mitsubishi HC6000 Audible Noise Levels

This is easy. The HC6000 is ties the HC5000 asthe quietest home theater projector on the market. It claims an almost silent 19 db in low power, and even in full power, at 24 db, it is quieter than virtually all other home theater projectors, even when the others are in their "quiet modes". Outstanding!

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