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Mitsubishi HC6000: 1080p Home Theater Projector Review - Image Quality 5

Posted on September 26, 2007 by Art Feierman

Mitsubishi HC6000 home theater projector: Sharpness

The HC6000 projector, like its predecessor, produces an extremely sharp image. Whether the reasons are optics, LCD pixel structure, image processing, or voodoo, Overall, I'd say the HC6000 is the sharpest of the LCD projectors. Perhaps only the Sharp DLP projector, the XV-Z20000 may be the tiniest bit sharper. The difference would definitely not be visible at any reasonable viewing distance. Generally, when one looks at fine details, the HC6000 reveals them better than the competition. Perhaps more importantly the picture feels sharper. Owning a JVC RS1, which I consider about average in sharpness for a 1080p projector, when I switched over to the HC6000, I immediately felt I was looking at a sharper image.

The difference is not great, a very slight difference, relative to comparing a typical 1080p projector with the best of the 720p resolution projectors, but sharper, none-the-less.

A couple of points. First, I like to sit close - about 11.5 feet from eyeball to screen, from a 128" diagonal, second, my vision (with glasses), is 20/15 so my vision is better than most people. Of course, the further back you sit (and the worse your vision), the less noticable a small difference will be.

The Mitsubishi HC6000
The Optoma HD81-LV







The three images here, will give you highly cropped enlargements of the frame in the image. You'll be looking at the DTS logo from their sample disk (Blu-ray). You can easily see differences between the three projectors. On the left, the Mitsubishi HC6000, middle is the JVC RS1, and on the right, the Optoma HD81-LV.

Click to enlarge. So close. This image is from Aeon Flux, on Blu-Ray, note the sharpness in her eyes, and in the lose strands of her hair:

Lastly, a cropped view of a computer monitor from Space Cowboys on Blu-Ray. Again, a similar image is found in most reviews, so you can compare. Readability of the type on the computer screen is the key, and the HC6000 does exceptionally well. The thumbnail to the right is the Sharp XV-Z20000, as mentioned is virtually identical but here shows a slight edge. Don't forget, all these projectors have a sharpness control. I am generally very careful to minimize artifacts caused by over sharpening, but I do not really fine tune each one.

Click Image to Enlarge
View of a computer monitor from Space Cowboys on Blu-Ray from the HC6000
View of a computer monitor from Space Cowboys on Blu-Ray from the Sharp XV-Z20000








Bottom line: Excellent! The Mitsubishi HC6000 just reeks of sharpness, clarity... It's not technical definitions and semantics, it just feels - sharp.

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