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Mitsubishi HC6000: 1080p Home Theater Projector Review - Image Quality 4

Posted on September 26, 2007 by Art Feierman

The two images below, are very dark frames from Space Cowboys. By seriously overexposing them you can make out the details in the black wall on the right side. Again, the first image is the HC6000, and the second one, the Sharp XV-Z2000. The third one is from the reigning champ, the JVC DLA-RS1, probably the least overexposed image but the one with slightly more details visible than the other two, as well as the blackest blacks. Lastly, the Mitsubishi HC4900, which definitely comes up short in both shadow detail and blacks.

A note on color balance. Images like these are taken at extremly slow shutter speeds, (often up to 10 seconds). Down in these depths, the digital camera is extremely sensitive to slight differences in color balance, and significantly exaggerates the color differences.

For lack of a better term. Look at the vertical stitching in the wall, and try to make out the object in the top right.

Very dark frame from Space Cowboys from the HC6000
The Sharp XV-Z2000
The Mitsubishi HC4900

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