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Home Theater Projector Review: Mitsubishi HC6000 DLP Projector: Summary

Posted on September 26, 2007 by Art Feierman

Home Theater Projector Review: Mitsubishi HC6000 DLP Projector: Summary

It really comes down to this. The HC6000 (link to specs) is an extremely watchable projector. I thoroughly enjoyed the roughly 20 hours of viewing, mostly hi-def DVD, but a significant amount of time spent on standard DVD and HDTV (including sports). The projector's picture quality is well balanced overall, good depth and film like characteristics. It does need some tweaking, and spending a few hundred for a professional calibrator should be a very good investment, if you want to have the HC6000 perform a cut above its "out of the box" performance.

This is a projector I really can recommend to a lot of people. It's very good in terms of placement flexibility, so it will work in most rooms. The brightness is just fine for all but the larger screens (certainly bright enough for all the most popular sizes (from 92" to 110").

I really enjoyed the HC6000's sharpness. My JVC is definitely softer, and the JVC's sharpness was a concern when I bought it, particularly since I like to sit close. I decided before I bought the JVC, that its sharpness would meet my requirements, but the HC6000 projector is sharper, and I'm a little jealous.

As to the other competition, much is changing. We'll have the Panasonic PT-AE2000U, the new Epson Home Cinema 1080 and Pro Cinema 1080, Optoma HD8000, Sanyo's PLV-Z2000 and other new 1080p projectors to be reviewed in the next two months, so only time will tell as to which ones have the advantages, in which areas.

That said, this Mitsubishi projector is, overall, the best of the 1080p LCD projectors reviewed to date, and is competitive with the DLP projectors as well.

The price is higher than a number of lower cost 1080p projectors, but the Mitsubishi definitely delivers more than entry level performance.

For about the same price, Sony's Pearl is similar in brightness, but offers a softer image. The JVC RS1, also is a bit softer, but is much brighter in best mode. Both of these LCOS projectors offer even better black levels and shadow detail than the HC6000 provides, but the Mitsubishi is still very capable in this area. The HC6000 has nothing to be ashamed about going up against the JVC RS1.

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