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Mitsubishi HC9000D Projector Review-3

Posted on July 1, 2011 by Art Feierman

CFI - Smooth Motion

This feature is now in most higher end models of home theater projectors. It's certainly nice to have, especially for sports. Mitsubsishi's implementation of of creative frame interpolation, takes 24 fps movies to 96fps, by interpolating 3, each different, new frames for each existing one. They call that True Film

For normal 60fps content, the frame rate is doubled to 120fps, with one new frame interpolated between every two frames. The setup can also reverse 2:3 pull-down and then implement CFI as it would if the movies were in their original 24fps. This one they call True Video.

I am truly impressed with the HC9000's CFI. When you set it to True Film, it does its job as subtly as I've seen any projector do. I've watched three different types of movies with it on, and I like it. It's probably the least intrusive CFI I've experienced on 24fps movies. I'm sure I'll find that I don't want it on for all movies. But for the moment, I am enjoying a movie without judder, and one that doesn't look have the soap opera look that plagues most CFI solutions to some degree or another.

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