NEC NP-P474U Business and Education Projector Review – Special Features

Posted on February 9, 2018 by Nikki Zelinger

NEC NP-P474U Business and Education Projector Review – Special Features: Image Enhancement, Advanced Networking, Wireless Networking via Optional Multi-Presenter Stick, Star Student Education Program, Warranty

Image Enhancement

The NEC NP-P474U comes with image enhancement in two forms – Auto Iris and Advanced AccuBlend. The Auto Iris automatically optimizes the image based on the projected content’s brightness. This also aids in black level performance, which is not typically something we care about on projectors, but I would never say no to better black levels on a projector. Advanced AccuBlend is a feature that creates a detailed image when non-native resolution sources are connected. That is to say, anything under WUXGA (1920 x 1200) resolution. You can consider this feature to be an “up-res” function.

Advanced Networking

The NEC NP-P474U has advanced networking features. Using the projector’s IP address, any computer that is connected to the same IP address can control it via Crestron RoomView. This is a function most often used when controlling more than one projector in a setup, such as when you need to control projectors across multiple classrooms. The NP-P474U comes with NaViSet Administrator 2, another command and control software that accomplishes much of the same thing. And, with Virtual Remote, you can control the projector from a computer using a VGA cable.

The projector also has HDBaseT, which is a standard used for transferring video, audio and control signals over long distances, accomplished by using low cost CAT5e, CAT6, etc., cabling. This standard, developed years ago, is highly useful for placement flexibility and simplifying installation. The source, whether it be a computer, a Blu-ray player, etc., doesn’t need to be near the projector when using HDBaseT, which should provide some peace of mind when determining the positioning of the NP-P474U.

Wireless Networking via Optional Multi-Presenter Stick

NEC Multi-Presenter Stick
NEC's Multi-Presenter Stick (DS1-MP10RX1) allows for easy switching between multiple presenters' devices.

The Multi-Presenter Stick is an optional, $329 dongle that allows up to 16 devices to be connected to the projector at once and for easy switching between multiple presenters and their devices. This is particularly useful in board room and conference room environments where time wasted switching between presenters through regular, wired setups means money and resources wasted. In the classroom setting, it is equally as time-saving, allowing more students to present in a class period. Sure, the difference might be in the 30 seconds to a minute range, but those seconds and minutes add up.

The Multi-Presenter Stick is the DS1-MP10RX1 and can be used with Mac, PC, iOS and Android systems. Simply plug the device into one of the HDMI ports and you’re good to go! It also includes user-friendly annotation software that allows you to make notes and promotes user collaboration. Users can follow the presentation on their own devices and can create individual notes. The Multi-Presenter Stick has its own 1 year warranty.

Star Student Education Program

A lot of these manufacturers have education programs that provide discounts to educators – NEC calls theirs the Star Student Education Program. The program discounts the NEC NP-P474U to $1,539 from $1,849. This is a difference of a few hundred dollars, which might not seem like much, but when you’re purchasing in bulk, the savings will be in the thousands. Star Students even extends the warranty, but I’ll get into that in a second. There is an impressive number of projectors that are under this program, which you can view here.


The NEC NP-P474U has a 3 year parts and labor warranty with InstaCare next day exchange and 1 year on the lamp. The Star Student Education Program extends this warranty by 2 years – that’s a 5 year warranty with 5 years of InstaCare. That’s incredible! Definitely one of the best around. That goes for educators using the Star Student program, so if buying the projector for a business setting, you’re looking at 3 years, which is still excellent. InstaCare is a service provided by NEC where if anything goes wrong with the projector that’s covered under warranty, you can call and a replacement unit will be shipped out to you the next business day, so downtime is significantly reduced.

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