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Samsung Premiere LSP9T Laser TV Review – Summary

Posted on February 14, 2022 by Philip Boyle


Samsung Premiere LSP9T

The Premiere is Samsung's first outing in the ultra-short-throw laser TV projector category. At an MSRP of $6,499.99, the LSP9T is priced at the higher end of the laser TV category but offers hardware and performance that justifies the cost. 

The features offered on this Samsung projector are comprehensive, as it should be at the LSP9T's price. Samsung has built a premium, all-in-one solution for a home cinema, including built-in tuners.

The LSP9T uses Texas Instruments' largest consumer DLP DMD imager to measure an inspiring  0.65-inches that reproduces 4K content in SDR and HDR amazingly well. 

The triple laser light source provides dynamic out-of-the-box colors with enough flexibility to offer the kind of amazing color accuracy that video enthusiasts demand. This projector can reproduce 147 percent of the DCI-P3 color gamut and 106 percent of the BT.2020 color gamut. In addition, the LSP9T offers up to 25,000 hours of maintenance-free operation when set to Standard brightness mode. This projector will likely be running long after you decide to upgrade years from now.

Samsung Triple Laser

Unlike many laser TVs available today, the LSP9T can project all the way up to 130 inches due to its built-in, motorized focus controller. You could go further if you don’t mind a decrease in contrast and brightness.

With the LSP9T, Samsung has produced an elegant ultra-short-throw laser TV projector that offers stunning picture quality, Samsung's full Tizen operating system, an extensive library of apps, HDMI inputs, eARC, built-in tuners, wireless network connectivity, Bluetooth and so much more. The LSP9T offers one of the best implementations of Filmmaker mode and has an amazing built-in sound system that produces genuinely good sound capable of competing with higher-end Samsung soundbars.

Bigger than the biggest flat panel

The LSP9T provides a viable replacement for the living room television by offering big brightness along with an excellent picture and sound quality with all the features and performance you could expect from a Samsung premium QLED TV. As a premium laser TV product, it's clear that Samsung aimed to deliver a big-screen image while occupying as little space as possible in the front of your living room.

Not everything is perfect on this premium projector. While the LSP9T is an excellent DLP projector it is still a DLP projector with all of its baggage. Black levels and shadow detail are some of the best I've seen in a DLP projector, the black levels don't come near the performance of an SXRD or D-ILA projector. Sorry DLP, but that's why D-ILA and SXRD cost what they do.  

Like with their flat panel TVs. Samsung has chosen not to support 3D on this projector. While there are some projector enthusiasts with extensive 3D libraries, most Laser TV customers will not miss the feature.

Lastly, at $6,499.99, this premium projector does not include its own screen! To get the most out of the LSP9T―and believe me, this projector has a lot to give―my recommendation would be to get something like an Elite CLR screen designed for an ultra-short-throw projector. We've reviewed quite a few high-end projection screens, so be sure to check them out on our website. 


When it comes to Laser TVs, they can be divided into three tiers; value, midrange, and performance. Value Laser TVs retail for less than $3000 and offer a large immersive image at an approachable price. However, they lack the adjustments needed to fine-tune their picture quality, and their operating systems are less polished. A great example of a Value Laser TV is the XGIMI Aura. which delivered a good image for just $2499.

Moving up to a mid-range Laser TV adds accurate more accurate color reproduction, increased adjustability, and a smoother user interface. One of our favorite mid-range models is the BenQ V7050i ($3499 SRP) whose out-of-the-box picture quality exceeded our expectations.

Premium models like the Hisense L9G ($5499 SRP) or Samsung LSP9T ($6499 SRP) surpassed the V7050i in picture quality because their tri-color laser light sources allow them to reproduce colors that the V7050i just cannot. The LSP9T smart features are also better integrated. However, the Samsung LSP9T costs $3000 more than the BenQ V7050i.

The Samsung LSP9T features an all-in-one, compact design that fits cleanly into a wide range of entertainment spaces giving the projector the ability to be the center of your home entertainment system or blend unobtrusively.

The Samsung LSP9T is a premium projector in both function and form, providing a reasonable big-screen alternative to giant 80-plus-inch flat-panel TVs. The Samsung LSP9T is a premium-priced projector that is best in class and a highly recommended projector if it's in your price range.


  • 2,800 ANSI lumens of brightness
  • 106% of BT.2020 & 147% of the DCI-P3 color gamut
  • 0.66 DLP Imager provides an excellent picture
  • Discrete RGB Laser light engine
  • Excellent HDR integration
  • Manual Focus
  • Well-integrated smart, intuitive OS
  • Premium built-in Dolby 4.2 sound system
  • A very easy-to-set-up projector
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Analog and digital tuners built-in


  • Slightly Sluggish menu performance
  • Although better than most DLP, black levels could be better
  • No 3D support 
  • Could offer a better input lag
  • Laser speckling artifacts in brighter areas of the picture


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