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Sharp PG-D40W3D DLP Projector - A Comparison

Posted on June 7, 2011 by Art Feierman

Specs Preview

Sharp PG-D40W3D Specs
Price 2795
Technology DLP
Native Resolution 1024x768
Brightness (Manufacturer Claim) 4000
Contrast 2000:1
Zoom Lens Ratio 1.20:1
Lens Shift No
Lamp Life 2000
Weight 12.8 lbs
Warranty 3 years

The PG-D40W3D is very similar to the PG-D45X3D projector which we did review

C o n t e n t s
Sharp PG-D40W3D Projector Comparison
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Sharp PG-D45X3D Projector

This article discusses the Sharp PG-D40W3D 's differences.

Sharp PG-D40W3D Projector Comparison

Check out our review of the impressive Sharp PG-D45X3D projector.

The Sharp PG-D40W3D is the widescreen sibling of the PG-D45X3D projector which we recently reviewed. This comparison is to help you decide if this projector is more suited to your needs than the PG-D45X3D, which we reviewed in-depth. In fact, this article discusses this Sharp's differences and why it may be a better choice for some 3D projector users.

While both projectors cost the same (MSRP $2795) and both boast 3D capabilities, they do have a few key differences. The PG-D40W3D is a bit less bright than the PG-D45X3D, measuring 4000 lumens as opposed to 4500, though this distinction is minimal. The PG-D40W3D’s contrast is also a bit lower at 2200:1 versus its sibling’s 2500:1 ratio.

But the biggest differences are apparent when looking at these projectors’ resolutions and inputs. The PG-D40W3D is a widescreen projector, with its native resolution being WXGA (1280x800) and its aspect ratio 16:10. Its sibling we reviewed is a more traditional XGA (1024x768) with a 4:3 aspect ratio. Lastly, the PG-D40W3D is equipped with an HDMI input but not a DVI, whereas the PG-D45X3D has the opposite. Both projectors come with computer, component, s-video, and composite inputs.

The photos below were taken using the PG-D40W3D's sibling, the PG-D45X3D. With that noted, the images from the PG-D40W3D projector should look very similar to the one we reviewed, save for being a bit dimmer and with a bit less contrast.

All in all, the PG-D40W3D is a great choice – just take a look at its name. D is for DLP technology, minimizing the gap between pixels and giving you a seamless picture. 40 stands for 4000 lumens, equipped to handle your presentation needs in a moderately bright classroom or business environment. W is for widescreen, giving you a more sophisticated viewing experience when watching your feature films and HDTV programs shot in widescreen format. Lastly, 3D of course promises you’ll be ahead of the curve as the 3D world expands! Sounds mighty fine.

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