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Sony VPL-CH375 Projector Review - Special Features

Posted on November 25, 2014 by Jarrod Buckley
SONY VPL-CH375 PROJECTOR:  Special Features -  Energy Saving Features,  High Brightness, Flexible Connectivity,  DICOM Sim, Lens Shift

Energy Saving Features

This projector has the usual Eco mode setting for reducing the projector's lamp light output which reduces power consumption.  It also has offers settings to automatically reduce the lamp output after a specified amount of time and with automatic return to full brightness when a new input signal is detected.  A operating mode is also provided to completely turn off the picture but to still allow instantly restoring the picture when needed, without the normal delay from a cold startup.

High Brightness

The VPL-CH385 is uses 3 LCD technology and will deliver the same color lumens as white lumens.  In the case of this projector, that is a maximum of 5000 lumens in the brightest picture mode and with zoom lens at its maximum zoom setting.  Even with setting delivering more accurate colors, this is still a bright projector.

Flexible Connectivity

In additional to the frequently found HDMI, VGA, composite and component video, USB, and wired network (Ethernet) connections, the VPL-CH375 also includes HDBaseT connectivity.   HDBaseT, also known as HDBT, is a quickly catching on as the preferred technology/protocol for delivering HD resolution information over long distances (up to 230 feet) using CAT5 or CAT6 cables, rather, than, for example, very expensive HDMI cables which aren’t designed to run such long lengths.  HDBaseT combines Audio, Video, Control and Ethernet connectivity across a wired network.   It can even be used to provide power of up to 100 watts.  Overall HDBaseT is a very elegant solution for short, medium and long distances between projector and sources, control units, etc.  More information can be found HERE, at the HDBaseT Alliance web site.

Wireless networking (Wi-Fi) is also available on the VPL-CH375, but requires an optional (extra cost) USB adapter.


DICOM Sim Support

When used with a computer input, Sony has added a special gamma mode to the VPL-CH375 that displays images approximating the DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine) GSDF (Grayscale Standard Display Function) used with B/W medical imaging (such as X-rays).  This mode optimizes black/gray/white detail by providing a custom gamma curve.  Like other projectors that include such a mode, it is not intended for actual medical evaluation, but it allows for more accurate training of medical students, as well as more detailed medical imaging presentations.

Lens Shift

The VPL-CH375 offers vertical and horizontal lens shift adjustment.  It appears this is only intended for use in fixed installations since a screw driver must be used to make the adjustments.  Given the very limited range of these adjustments, they are really just for fine tuning the image position to center it on the screen.  However, these adjustment do offer a modest increase in mounting flexibility.

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