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Sony VPL-CH375 Projector Review - Summary

Posted on November 25, 2014 by Jarrod Buckley
SONY VPL-CH375 PROJECTOR:  Summary   The Sony VPL-CH375 should be a top consideration for anyone needing a reasonably-priced, high-output, high-resolution projector.  It offers a good combination of brightness, sharpness, color balance and image depth that make it a good choice in its price range.  It also features ease of setup and an assortment of connections making it adaptable to conference rooms, class rooms, and moderately large venues.  There is the DICOM Sim. gamma mode that should endear it to medical schools and more advanced adjustment capabilities for the advanced user. In most ways the VPL-CH375 can be considered a step up from the typical $1000 business projector in that it offers higher resolution (WUXGA vs. WXGA) and higher brightness (5000 lumens vs. 3000 lumens).  The VPL-CH375 provides very bright and sharp images in a typical conference room or class room environment and also has enough light output for use in more challenging environments, such as trade shows, auditoriums and where there is ambient light that must be overcome. The VPL-CH375 has good networking support, including support for HDBaseT, which is becoming more widely used for distribution of audio, video, control, Ethernet and even power (up to 100 watts) over standard CAT 5 or CAT 6 cables.  


  • High brightness with up to 5000 lumens
  • Good color balance and good overall image quality possible
  • Excellent warranty and support via Sony's "On-Time" support program
  • Good lamp life, especially if operated in standard or low lamp modes
  • Zoom lens throw range of 1.5:1 to 2.2:1 should accommodate most installation needs
  • DICOM gamma mode for medical educational purposes
  • If mounted, both lamp and filter can be changed without unmounting the projector
  • HDBaseT support
  • Flexible energy saving modes


  • Has dust filter that must be maintained
  • Replacement lamp cost is moderately expensive at near $400 (street price)
  • Projector's lens shift has very limited range
  • Relatively low contrast image makes this model not the ideal choice for use for viewing video in a dark environment

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