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Sony VPL-EW435 Business and Education Projector Review – Hardware

Sony VPL-EW435 Business and Education Projector Review – Hardware: Overview, Inputs and Connectors, The Lens


The Sony VPL-EW435 is a medium small projector with a simplistic design. Its casing is white, with a dark grey accent piece along the bottom. When looking at the front of the projector, its lens is mounted to the far right. On the top, just behind the lens, are the recessed zoom and focus rings, with the control panel existing parallel, but toward the back of the projector. Also on the top of the projector, on the far left in the front, are two indicator lights: Standby and Warning. The inputs and connectors panel is located on the back of the EW435.

The hot air exhaust vents are on the left side of the projector, but there’s nothing on the right. That struck me as a bit odd, and I didn’t believe for a second the Sony didn’t have air filters, but it appeared so. There is an easy-release door on the bottom, which turns out to house the air filters. It’s a little different than I’m used to seeing, but no matter. They’re there. Based on that, I’d say Sony presumes this projector will be ceiling mounted.

Inputs and Connectors

Sony VPL-EW435 Inputs and Connectors
The Sony VPL-EW435 has plenty of inputs and connectors for your typical classroom or conference room applications.

The inputs and connectors’ text is printed upside down so that, when ceiling mounted, they’re easily readable. For my own sanity, I’ve pictured the inputs and connectors panel in that position and will write about it in terms of being ceiling mounted. Starting at the top, there is the power receptacle on the left, with the obligatory RS232 connector for old school command and control. Below that, we have some output ports – a Monitor Out and Audio Out. To their left, a mic input and a Kensington Lock.

Moving to the bottom left, there is a USB Type-A port, a LAN input, a USB Type-B port, and two HDMIs, labeled Input D. That’s important to know for using the remote control app, as the inputs are not labeled as “HDMI” or “VGA,” they’re labeled as “Input A,” “Input B,” etc. so familiarizing yourself with these labels may be in your benefit.

Speaking of Input A, it’s located to the right and consists of a VGA input and an Audio Out. Stacked above that is Input B, which is the same thing except the port on Input A is labeled RGB/Y and the port in the Input B area is labeled RGB. The next, and final section of the inputs and connectors panel has Composite Video connectors and an S-Video Port.

The Lens

No lens cap, but the projector did come with a plastic cap taped over it so that no harm came to the lens during shipment. This is a 1.3:1 manual zoom lens, which gives some placement flexibility, though not a ton. Still, this is better than most.

The manual lens controls are located on the top of the projector as recessed rings, with the focus in the front and zoom behind. There’s no lens shift capabilities, but with the price being what it is, this is really no surprise. Sub-$1000 projectors rarely have lens shift, even on the home theater side of things.

Moving onto the next page, we will continue our discussion of the Sony VPL-EW435’s hardware. I’ll talk about the control panel – spoiler alert, it’s weird – the remote control, and the menus, with photos for each. Click the button below to navigate to the second page of the Hardware Tour!