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Sony VPL-FHZ55 Projector Review - Special Features

Posted on February 4, 2014 by 

Split Screen, Edge Blending Capabilities

The VPL-FHZ55 has the capability to display side-by-side split screen from two video inputs.  It also has edge, as well as the ability to use multiple projectors to create one large seamless and uniform wide image.

Constant Brightness Eco Mode

When Constant Brightness is turned “On” in the light output section, it reduces the light output by 25% if the light output is set to “High” and by 45% if the light output is set to “Standard”.  This allows the projector to maintain its brightness level throughout its life, compensating for reduction in output as the projector ages.  This is particularly useful for digital signage or any other use where a consistent level of brightness is desirable.

Warp Keystone Correction

In addition to the usual horizontal and vertical keystone correction, the FHZ55 also features an option to adjust each corner of the projected image, as well as the midpoint of each side of the image, for a total of eight separate adjustment points.  This can come in handy if the projector is tilted up (as much as 30 degrees) or placed at an angle.  Restricting the area corrected can also prevent image degradation as compared to basic keystone correction.  As such, it is quite useful for making minor corrections, especially in non-permanent installations.  However, if the projector is to be mounted, it’s better to get it placed properly to provide a square image without the use of keystoning or warp correction.


When used with a computer input, Sony has added a special gamma mode to the VPL-FHZ55 that displays images approximating the DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine) GSDF (Grayscale Standard Display Function) used with B/W medical imaging (such as X-rays).  This mode optimizes black/gray/white detail by providing a custom gamma curve.  Like other projectors that include such a mode, it is not intended for actual medical evaluation, but it allows for more accurate training of medical students, as well as more detailed medical imaging presentations.

Crestron RoomView Network Service/AMX Device Discovery

In addition to the control capabilities provided, the VPL-FHZ55 also supports Crestron’s RoomView management system.  This allows for centralized access and control over a single projector or multiple projectors simultaneously, as well as notifications which can be distributed to each projector.

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