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Sony VPL-HW50ES - Competitors 2

Posted on July 25, 2013 by Art Feierman

Sony VPL-HW50ES vs. Sony VPL-HW30ES and VW95ES

Although the HW50ES prices about where the HW30ES did a year ago, that's not the case now in Oct. '12.  The HW30ES is being phased out, at only $2999, vs. the extra $1000.  The HW30ES, though needs 3D glasses and emitter to be similarly equipped, so figure about a $700 difference.

For that you get better blacks, and an image that seems clearer and more detailed, and a brighter one.  3D is brighter too.

It's not hard at all to justify the extra money for the HW50ES over its predecessor.  I would recommend going HW50ES if your check book allows it.  It really is a nice step up, for a projector one year newer. I liked the HW30. I am really impressed with the HW50!

Now that the Sony VPL-VW95ES is priced at $5999, it's only $2000 more than the HW50ES.  As you would expect, the 95ES is the superior projector, but what's interesting is that not at everything.   The Reality Creation engine the HW50ES has, is more advanced than the VW95ES offers, in terms of providing enhanced detail.

That's nice, but on the other hand, the VW95ES definitely offers blacker blacks - really excellent, a step up.  While I like the new Reality Engine, I'll still take the VW95ES every time, budget allowing.


VPL-HW50ES vs. Sharp XV-Z30000


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