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Viewsonic PLED-W500 Review

Greetings, The ViewSonic PLED-W500 projector. I really wanted to love this projector, but...I just walked away liking it.  I really enjoyed my time with the Vivitek QUMI.  Maybe it was the fact that the QUMI was half the size of the PLED-W500, and that made it more impressive.  The PLED-W500 is brighter than the QUMI, but I found I enjoyed the overall picture quality more on the QUMI.  I put a lot of hours on the Viewsonic, I practically beat Fight Night Champion and Brutal Legend on the PS3 in the time I had it.  I also watched about half of the movie Knowing on it. After all the time I spent with it, I was just pretty "mah" about it.  When I had the QUMI I projected a 60" screen while reviewing, with the PLED-W500 I went with a 70" screen.  Don't get me wrong, this projector is perfectly acceptable, but there wasn't any "wow" factor.  This projector is also street priced about $150-$200 more than the QUMI.  I don't see where the extra brightness warrants that much higher of a price tag.  I also noticed that there was a lot of lag time in between the PS3 switching resolutions, which was VERY annoying. It also has an automatic keystone feature, which I found to be bothersome.  If you move it, then it will keystone and you'll have to wait for it to level out before it switches back.  It takes 5-10 seconds to readjust.  I would rather adjust manually if I felt the need. I am cheap, as you have probably figured out by now.  So, hands down I would recommend the QUMI over the PLED-W500, just based on price alone.  Based on picture quality I felt the QUMI also had a slight edge.  Brightness definitely goes to the PLED-W500, so if you want a larger screen then the PLED-W500 is hands down the winner.  Let's move on to the meat of things...   The Good: Bright for a LED projector Portable Easy to set up 3D capable, though not on the 3D Vision compatible list Plays content from mass storage such as an SD card/USB drive Comes with a carrying case   The Bad: The built-in speaker is not great, but at least there is sound I found the automatic keystone feature more of an annoyance than a help   The Ugly: Time between resolution change was pretty painful Price No audio out, so you are stuck with mediocre sound   I am hoping to get another projector in the near future, but I am not sure what Art will throw at me next.  I am going to Wonder-Con Anaheim in March (for my birthday).  I will post a blog here about it, and post any game news that I see while there.  If you have any questions about the PLED-W500 post a comment and I will get back to you. Until we meet again... -Ebenezer  

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