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Epson Announces $649 Home Cinema 740HD Projector

Epson adds the Home Cinema 740HD to its lineup of new home theater/entertainment projectors.  The HC740HD will be available in September 2015. This new 3LCD projector sports 720p HD resolution, a built in speaker, and a massive 3000 lumens (color and white lumens) of brightness. This projector is built to tackle living rooms, spare bedrooms, bonus rooms, basically rooms that aren't set up as dedicated theaters, but rather those that often have ambient light present.
Epson Home Cinema 740HD_RIGHT ANGLE

The Home Cinema 740HD is exceptionally bright with 3000 color and white lumens for only $649 street price!

The HC740HD is designed to take on LCDTVs as the center of your home entertainment experience.  Why suffer watching a movie on a 42, 50, or even 65" LCDTV when for about the same bucks you can to large screen - 100" or even 120" diagonal.  Believe me, that's way more fun. We spend a lot of money - $10 bucks a piece, at least, to see movies at the local Cineplex.  Why?  Well, because on the large screen we are more immersed in the content, we're more able to "suspend disbelief," to really "get into" the movie, or sporting event, or other programming.  Sorry folks, Transformers just doesn't cut it on an iPhone! The Home Cinema 740HD is a small, lightweight projector, and that means it's happy to go mobile with you.  Toss it (gently) into your backpack and take it to a friends, perhaps for some gaming. Got a family, all you need is an extension cord and somewhere to shine the projector on outside, perhaps a garage door, or an inflatable screen, or, if you are desperate - hang a sheet from a tree branch.  The Home Cinema 740HD let's you enjoy the big screen outdoor experience!  Invite over 30 friends and family for the event. There is a small speaker built into the HC740HD, but if you really want to rock the house - or the backyard, you can use it's audio out to plug into a boombox or other "bigger" sound system.

This could be your back yard as your friends gather:


Guests arriving? Nothing like a 120 inch diagonal outdoor theatre experience with a projector like the HC740HD!


The Home Cinema 740HD will not only work with your DVD or Blu-ray player, or your satellite box, but it also supports streaming sticks like the Roku, or Amazon's or Google's...  Let the party begin!

For a low cost home projector, the HC740HD is well endowed.  In addition to the HDMI port, there's a computer input, USB, and an audio output to feed a larger stereo system, for more "movie theater" type sound.

Epson Home Cinema 740HD_BACK

You can even plug in a thumb drive into the USB port to view family photos and videos.

Despite the low cost, Epson provides a two year parts and labor warranty, with 2 business day replacement program for both years, should this 3LCD projector develop a warranty problem.  Nice!  Most projectors in this price range come with a simple 1 year parts and labor warranty, and no replacement program.

That's huge for piece of mind.


But, back to the projector.  Let's talk picture quality.  We haven't yet received an HC740HD to review - that's probably at least September 2015, as the product won't be shipping until then.  But, we have reviewed several predecessors.  You can count on a bright picture, and one with vibrant, great looking color, thanks to 3000 color lumens.

Most competitors - those that are single chip DLPs, have only a small fraction of the color lumens, so simply can't produce great color at anywhere near their brightest.  This Epson can.  It offers multiple color preset modes to choose from.

What can you really expect, picture quality wise?  Well, here's an image from the older Home Cinema 720HD:


This is a photo of a projected image using the Epson HC720HD. Expect even better (and brighter) from the HD740HD.

Here's one more for you sports fans (also from the old HC720HD review:


Epson Home Cinema 700 series projectors do a great job on color.

Bottom Line:

Tired of small LCDTVs, or watching on your phone or computer? treat yourself to a new Epson Home Cinema 740HD.  Find a large wall, or better, buy an affordable screen, and find out what you've been missing watching on tiny TVs.  Whether you watch movies, sports, general content, or love to play games, you'll find this Epson to be affordable, portable, and having a great picture.  Time to get serious about your home entertainment!

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