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Epson Home Cinema 705HD Projector Announcement - Review to come Later

OK, it's Sept. 17, 2009, and someone has just announced a new 720p projector.  That's the first one in quite a while, and the pricing is rather nice.  MAP pricing is $749. The new model, of course, is the Epson Home Cinema 705HD home theater projector. OK, it's inexpensive, but perhaps more importantly, it really is designed as a low cost multi-use room projector. It should do a very nice job of lighting up a family room, with it's claimed 2500 lumens. I must admit, it's hard to get excited about new 720p projectors, but, that said, and price considered, the Home Cinema 705HD looks to be a good one.  I don't know when it will arrive for review, and it doesn't make  my highest priority list of projectors to review, but I'll get to it when I can.  It will definitely get reviewed behind the the $999 projectors from BenQ and Vivitek, and of course the Home Cinema 8100, and Home Cinema 8500UB as well as the InFocus IN8602 and the reviews currently in process.  Probably early November. OK, back to the Home Cinema 705HD Projector The 705HD also has a USB 2.0 slot, so you can directly run photos and slide shows, a nice touch for a family room projector.  This is in line with the "more than movies and sports" attitude  user friendly functionality of the MovieMate all in one projectors, and the Ensemble HD.  As with all Epson projectors, this one uses 3LCD technology.  No surprise since Epson makes almost all the LCD panels for today's projectors, be they projectors from Epson, Panasonic, Sanyo, Mitsubishi and others. If the Powerlite 705HD can really deliver on those 2500 lumens, this is going to be a screaming low cost projector that on a smaller screen, say 90 inches, will likely be almost as bright as an LCDTV or Plasma, and may work with a pretty fair amount of light in the room. This Epson comes with a 2 year parts and labor warranty, and a 48 hour replacement program.  That's a lot more warranty and support than almost any other under $1000 projector offers. Ok enough for now.  I'll do a first look blog when it comes in, although there may be a big chunk of time between that blog, and the full review. PS.  This should be a great, low cost and highly portable projector to pick up and take out back, or to the driveway for those outdoor movie parties, etc.  -art

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