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New: JVC DLA-X700R Home Theater Projector

Shown at CEDIA, the JVC DLA-X700R projector (and it's twin from the "Pro" division, the DLA-RS57U) clock in at $7999.

JVC's DLA-X700R offers superb black levels, 3D capability and 1300 lumens for $7999. Shipping in November?

These models will replace last year's JVC's come the November timeframe (give or take).   What's big and new for 2013-14 is the addition of a dynamic iris!   That's right, the company with the best native black levels has added a dynamic iris (in the lens area), to further enhance black level performance, (and probably so they can have some ridiculous contrast numbers like everyone else. In the demos at CEDIA which were showing the essentially identical, but built with "hand picked" components, higher end DLA-X900R (and RS6710), blacks were extraordinary! E-shift3 replaces e-shift2, and JVC still calls it "4K".  We consider it to be a dynamic detail enhancement solution - a novel one, but as long as the size of the pixels are that of 1080p, we can't buy into calling it 4K.   Still, it works.  It just isn't in the league of a true 4K projector such as the two new Sonys but the less expensive of those two is almost double this JVC's price. Brightness gets a slight bump of 100 lumens, although that is attributed to the new LCoS panels which have thinner wireframes to allow a slight improvement in the amount of light that passes through.  Contrast numbers are in the twilight zone - over 1,000,000:1.   Whether this JVC projector, the DLA-X700R really needs a dynamic iris is questionable, but I'll say yep, makes it better.  It's going to be a slight improvement, and that assumes JVC manages to engineer their iris to operate smoothly.   There are still sloppy irises out there, and some very smooth ones.  Do keep in mind that this will be JVC's first go round with dynamic irises, but the good news is, even if less than perfect, this projector will still do the best blacks available at the price, even if you turn the dynamic iris off.  Contrast, btw, is claimed at 120,000:1 native (iris off) and 1,200,000:1 with the iris on.  (The "hand selected" DLA-X900R claims 150,000:1 and 1,500,000:1 respectively. We can't wait to get in this DLA-X700R or the X900R for review, and expect that to happen right after first shipments.  Warranty, I should note, is two years parts and labor. Pending the full review, here's how I would position the DLA-X700R projector:  It's likely the best projector under $10,000 for serious overall 2D viewing, (movies primarily).  If you are big on 3D, you'll probably find it a bit thin on 3D brightness (something true of may 3D capable projectors).  So, this will likely be a better choice for the person who doesn't care about 3D, or just wants to fiddle with it, but aren't overly concerned.  This is a home theater projector.  It's not as bright, as some competition, so perhaps not as good a choice for those more into sports and TV, where you don't want to be in pitch blackness. I still own my 4 year old RS20, which can hold it's own with the black levels of just about any projector except for the newest JVC's and not far behind those.  JVC projectors like the DLA-X700R and RS57, will have serious appeal to hard core enthusiasts. Stay tuned for the review... -art

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