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Casio XJ-F211WN Laser/LED Hybrid Projector Review – Hardware

Posted on April 28, 2020 by Nikki Zelinger

Casio XJ-F211WN Projector Review – Hardware: Hardware Overview, Inputs and Connectors, The Lens

Hardware Overview

Casio XJ-F211WN

The Casio XJ-F211WN is compact and portable, allowing it to be shared between classrooms or conference rooms. The projector measures 11.8 inches wide, 11.8 inches deep, 3.8 inches tall, and weighs just 8.4 lbs.

Casio XJ-F211WN_Top

The top of the projector has the manual focus control for the lens and the control panel.

Casio XJ-F211WN_Front

The air intake vent is located on the left side of the projector when facing the lens.

Casio XJ-F211WN_Back

The hot air exhaust vents are located on the back sides of the projector when facing the lens. The inputs and connectors panel is located on the back of the Casio XJ-F211WN. Let’s take a closer look.

Inputs and Connectors Panel

Casio XJ-F211WN_Inputs

The Casio XJ-F211WN has all the inputs and connectors one would expect on a projector of this price point. Though simple, the projector has everything you’d need for all the common applications within business and education environments.

VGA Computer In (D-sub 15pin)1
Component Video1
Audio In (Mini Jack)1
Audio Out (Mini Jack)1
Mic In (Mini Jack)1
LAN Port (RJ45 for Network)1
RS232 In (D-sub 9pin, Male)1
USB Type A/ DC 5V1
LOGO Input1
IR Receiver (Back + Front)2

In addition to the wired LAN, this Casio has Wi-Fi connectivity via an optional wireless module. This allows a variety of devices to connect to the projector over Wi-Fi.

A Note for Education Buyers: Some schools do not have reliable Wi-Fi, however, so your school’s Wi-Fi signal is something to take into consideration when buying such a projector for your district’s classrooms.

The Lens

Casio XJ-F211WN_Lens

The Casio XJ-F211WN has a manual 1.50:1 zoom lens located on the front right of the projector. Below, you will find throw charts for 60” and 100” diagonal screens.

60” Diagonal Screen

TelephotoWide Angle
5’4” 7’9”

100” Diagonal Screen

TelephotoWide Angle

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