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Epson Brightlink Pro 1410Wi Projector Special Features-2

Posted on September 9, 2013 by Art Feierman

Brightlink Pro 1410 Wi Projector - Great for Video Conferencing

Awesome.  Install a Brightlink Pro at Corporate, and one in each of 3 regional offices.  No need to fly in executives for a sales meeting.  Instead, using video conferencing cameras and the projectors' interactivity, you approach the benefits of having everyone in one room, while saving many thousands of dollars per meeting in travel related expenses and time!

Did we mention that the Brightlink Pro even has a USB port specifically for document cameras (and video conferencing cameras?)

Interactivity with Mac computers

We did find one issue relating to working with Macs.  I personally use two year old Macbook Pro with the usual Displayport/HDMI/etc. functionality.  In testing compatibility, we ran into a real issue, but also a reasonable work around.

Running from the DisplayPort jack on my laptop, to the HDMI port on the Brightlink Pro 1410Wi, we were able to get the signal up on the screen, but were not able to use features such as the the Save Capture or Print functions on the Control Pad, or from the pen control.

Good News though for MacBook Pro users.  If you instead come out of the Mac and instead use VGA via the computer input, it all works fine.  Whew!  That was a close thing, since I normally figure I'll use HDMI for everything these days.  Well in this case, the fix was simple enough, just use a different cable basically.  Since the MacBook Pros of late use the mini-display port, all I needed was a mini-display port to VGA connector, wich sent me back about $10.   Thanks to Epson support for being on top of things and knowing what to do, to make it work!

Another way to use the Epson Brightlink Pro 1410 Wi with a Mac is via USB plug and play (Mac OS of 10.5 or higher).  We did not test this feature (we have tested Epson projectors with this feature at least a couple of times), and do not know if the Capture/Save/Print features work with USB Plug and Play (which is also available with Windows computers).  We would at least expect it to work well for getting the image from the Mac onto the screen.

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