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Epson Brightlink Pro 1410Wi: Projector Hardware Tour-3

Posted on October 1, 2013 by Art Feierman

Remote Control and Pen

Click to Enlarge. So close.

Epson provides a small remote just loaded with buttons.  They go to the trouble of segregating functions into different sections.

For example, the power switch and the source choices each have their own button at the top in the area backed by black.  The Source search shows you all, or select what you want. The various source buttons often give you a choice of multiple sources, for example toggling the Video button between two video sources.

Below that is a numeric keypad area for security and other functions.  three of the numbers have alternate functions - for Auto, Aspect Ratio and changing between the different Color Modes.

Then comes some pretty standard navigation - four arrow buttons, plus Menu, a center Enter button and an Escape for going back up menus.

Right below is the User button which let's you define from a number of choices, what you want to use it for, such as toggling between full power and eco-mode.  Opposite it is the Pointer button which brings up a projected arrow or other menu selectable symbol for pointing and highlighting.  No, this is digital, not a laser pointer.

Near the bottom are three pairs of buttons,  Page Up/Down, Digital Zoom in and out, and Volume.  Finally, there's an A/V Mute, a Freeze button (both obvious), and Epson's interactive Help button.

Nicely laid out, fits well in your hand, and very good range.  BTW Epson does ship batteries with the projector for the remote, and the Control Pad!

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Interactive Pens

Click to Enlarge. So close.

Not only do you get two Epson interactive pens that you can both use at the same time, but they even come with a Pen holder, plastic case to store them.  (Not that they can dry out like a conventional pen or marker.  Size and feel is nice.  The tip is pressure sensitive.  Runs on penlight batteries, so no hassles there.  Epson included a 4 pack of rechargeable batteries and charger with the projector!

Nice touch! (The rechargeable batteries, and the pens.)   The projector allows a hover mode to recognize the pens when not touching the board.

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