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Epson Brightlink Pro 1410Wi: Projector Hardware Tour-2

Brightlink Pro 1410Wi Installation and Setup

Wall mounting is like Ceiling mounting but much simpler in most cases.  The mount easily installs, screwing into the provided screws on the bottom of the Epson projector.

Using the tabletop mount I expected to be more of a challenge, in fact I was originally planning to include a video demo of mounting the projector to our whiteboard, as part of the full video review of the Brightlink Pro 1410Wi.

Turned out it was so ridiculously simple that it wouldn’t be worth the effort.  How simple?

Slide into place, and then attach the tabletop mount to the projector with screws.

A plate mounts to the projector.  The large curved bar that is attached to the base with the hand screws/feet, allows the projector’s plate to slide down and is secured with two screws.

That’s half of it.

The other half is that the mount has three huge handscrews.  Slide the projector mount over the whiteboard (see the images above), so that the board is between the big hand screws and the plate and tighten them up. My only suggestion, having bought a dirt cheap small whiteboard from Staples, is be careful to tighten the screws carefully.  Apply too much to one screw compared to the others and you can bend the whiteboard a bit, as I did.  (I mounted and unmounted it a half dozen times.) Putting a piece of cardboard, or plastic between the “feet” and the whiteboard would help, but I think the real problem is the “dirt cheap” whiteboard in this case.

I saw one of Epson’s whiteboards that you can get packaged with the projector.  It’s much thicker, as in heavier duty!

Mounting using the tabletop mount is about a five minute job, including reading the brief instructions, and that’s if you are taking your time…   We’ll call that Epson Easy.  Nicely done says the guy who just hates mounting stuff (that would be me)!

Epson Brightlink Pro 1410Wi Menus

Below are a few main and secondary menus for your inspection.  I should note that you can run the menus from the Control panel, from the remote control, or remotely using a browser!  That makes the 1410Wi a very clever projector.   Wait, you can also run them from one of the two interactive pens.  Well, you can see here the bend I put into the board by not being careful when mounting the projector to it.

Epson Brightlink Pro 1410Wi Menus Slideshow

Some of the networking menus


There are of course far more sub-menus dealing with all the networking and notification features.

The projector is Crestron RoomView compatible offering a full suite of push notifications, notifying IT of issues, scheduling, and more.

Brightlink Pro-1410 Menu - Wireless Slideshow