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Epson Brightlink Pro 1410Wi Projector - Review Summary-2

Posted on September 5, 2013 by Art Feierman

Epson Brightlink Pro 1410Wi Projector: Pros

  • 3100 rated lumens and produced over 3200 in Dynamic, and over 2600 for Presentation - a bright mode that looks really good
  • Comes with two interactive pens (and pen holder case)
  • Extremely good color handling for a business projector
  • MAC and Windows compatible
  • Interactivity features are numerous, with some very special ones
  • Interactive tools are built-in
  • Advanced wired networking
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  • Wireless networking using plug in Wifi module
  • Control Pad allows many different devices to be plugged in conveniently despite the projector being too high to reach in most cases
  • Reasonable interactive help built in, including showing all the interactive tools!
  • 10 watt speaker should handle most boardrooms, but there's an audio out if needed to pump up the sound
  • Capture from sources to whiteboard or save, or print, before or after interactive annotation added
  • Lens and Pen sensor system are recessed
  • Impressively easy to use, despite the host of features
  • Great warranty

Epson Brightlink Pro 1410Wi Projector: Cons

  • Some limitations using Mac DisplayPort/HDMI.  You need to come out of the MacBook DisplayPort with a an adapter for VGA instead of HDMI to be able to use Screen Capture and Print functions.  (HDMI works, just not the save/capture/print functions)
  • User Guide (manual) is on disk.  If ever there was a projector where a hard copy manual would be helpful, thanks to the numerous features, this is it.  Epson?  Are you listening?
  • Be careful attaching the tabletop mount. It's not easy, but possible to dent - warp an inexpensive lightweight whiteboard (as I did)
  • Control Pad could have a separate SD card slot
  • Menus are in the center of the screen, no option to move them to the sides
  • Lacks a microphone input

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