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Epson Brightlink Pro 1410Wi Projector Special Features-1

Posted on September 3, 2013 by Art Feierman

Brightlink Pro 1410Wi Control Pad

The Epson Brightlink Pro 1410Wi comes with a Control Pad that would typically be mounted next to the the whiteboard.  It's discussed several times in this review.  But the short version, is that it is "connection central" where you can conveniently plug in DisplayPort, HDMI, USB and other devices, capture documents (annotated or not) to a USB thumb drive, and more.   An elegant solution to connectivity for a projector that is normally mounted out of reach.

Brightlink Pro 1410Wi Collaboration: Two people at once - not even in the same City?

As already mentioned, the Brightlink Pro 1410Wi comes with two pens. Each user can have their own pen so that two presenters can be collaborating and annotating at the same time, or one could be controlling the system, while the other adds content. We do not have the ability - or two units, to verify that two people in different locals each with their networked 1410Wi, can use pens simultaneously.  But, the information would lead us to believe that it can.

Brightlink Pro 1410Wi Interactivity with Multiple Sources

You can use the Epson as a "smart" whiteboard, righting on it with the pens, and saving or printing the results.  Or, feed it computer signals (and use the pens as remote mice for changing pages, launching applications, opening documents, and then, of course, annotating over them, or even changing the data, such as going into a spreadsheet cell and changing numbers.   Since you have real computer control, you can then save your presentations, or other content, that you've manipulated with the Epson's capabilities.   Hook up an SD card through the Control Pad USB input, and annotate over images, and documents, adn then save them.   That's just two examples. Extremely capable.   If you are Wifi equipped, how about running your presentation from an iPad, iPhone or Android device, thanks to the iPresentation app.  And you can use that iPad, etc. to control your computer based presentation, not just project info from your iPad.   And there's more you can do.

Brightlink Pro 1410Wi Ultra-short Throw: Setup

Click to Enlarge. So Close.

Yes, this is the the real McCoy, in terms of ultra short throw projectors.    The projector sits, or wall/ceiling mounts so close to the projection surface, that presenters are not blinded by the light while working on the interactive board.  That also offers the benefit that a presenter doesn’t cast shadows on the projected area (except for his/her hand). The front of the projector varies from a couple of inches to a maximum that's less than a foot back, depending on how large a screen or whiteboard area is being used.

Click Image to Enlarge

Many manufacturers (and us) count a projector as ultra short throw if it can be wall mounted above the projector (which normally means the projector is within about 3 feet or so of the wall.)  There's a big difference in advantage though, between a close in projector like this Epson and those "ultras" that sit further back, especially in terms of hitting the presenter with blinding light. In the past some of the projectors that sit inches away have had focus issues, but not the Epson 1410Wi.   In other words, while those others are great (wall mounting) to keep costs down, and other benefits, mounting as close as the 1410Wi, makes a huge difference if you are using projectors interactively.  We show you the table mount as attached to a white board on the hardware tour page.

Epson Brightlink Pro 1410Wi - In Multiple Facilities

Corporate IT folks, and excecutives will appreciate this ability.  You can have up to four (I believe) Brightlink Pro 1410Wi projectors talking to each other over your corporate network.  The projectors can each be in a different part of the world, or corporate campus, and the interactive annotating and other capabilities are shared.  That is, present off of Brightlink Pro 1410 Wi number 1, and the same image, and same annotation appear on the other projectors as well.   "Pass" the pens to a different location, and people there can add additional changes that will be seen on all the projectors' whiteboards.   We, of course, could not confirm this - we don't have a corporate network, nor multiple locations and multiple Brightlink Pro 1410 Wi projectors, but we'll take Epson's word for this capability.

Certainly consider this to be an exceptional feature when it comes to collaborating, as you aren't limiting collaboration to only the folks in that one room.   Huge for a corporate sales meeting.

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