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Epson HC720 vs Mitsubishi HC1500 and Optoma HD70.

Posted on October 5, 2008 by Art Feierman
Of course the Epson offers exceptional placement flexibility, while these two DLP projectors are just the opposite, with very limited placement (no lens shift, 1.2:1 zooms vs 2.1:1). Neither of them can be practically shelf mounted, and therefore will be ceiling mounted (more hassle, and more expense, usually).

As a result, a large chunk of the buying public will pass on the DLP's. If you are one still considering them, look to the film-like advantage and black level advantage to go to the DLP's with the Mitsubishi HC1500, overall, having a slight edge on the Optoma.

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From a brightness standpoint, in best modes, the Epson and Optoma HD70 are almost identical, while the Mitsubishi, is much brighter. In brightest modes, the Epson crushes the Optoma, but compared to the HC1500, they are close, with the advantage going to the Epson. In fact, the range of the Epson's zoom lens is the determining factor. If the Epson is at furthest difference, it's about the same brightness as the Mitsubishi, but it is slightly brighter in mid-position, and several hundred lumens brighter in closest position. On that note, the Optoma's zoom range places it roughly between the Epson's closest and mid-zoom ranges, with the Mitsubishi not being able to position as far back as the Epson, even with the Epson at mid-point on the zoom.

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Epson HC720 vs Sony AW15

These two are both 3LCD, and have similar placement flexibility (the Epson does have the advantage though).

After that, though, they don't compete much. The Epson is a brute, with the horsepower for larger screens and fighting ambient light. The Sony will have less far appeal in that regard. In best mode, the two projectors are similar in brightness, but when you want to go big, or fight ambient light, the Epson in brightest mode is almost three times as bright!

Ok lets look at a summary of the HC720's strengths and weaknesses.

Epson Home Cinema 720 projector, Pros, Cons, andTypical Capabilities

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Epson Home Cinema 720 Projector: Pros

  • Very bright projector overall
  • Best in class warranty and support
  • Most flexible of the 720p projectors in placement flexibility, very practical for shelf mounting in the back of your room
  • Very sharp image
  • Rich saturated colors
  • Many preset modes
  • Good, although not exceptional out of box color accuracy (Living Room mode excepted), definitely needs some tuning, however
  • 9 user savable settings - the most of any of the competition
  • Great remote, even for those with large hands, and backlight is bright
  • A very good manual, not only covers all the features, but unlike most, gives some good explanations
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  • 12 volt trigger for motorized screens that are properly equipped
  • Very good skin tones
  • Exceptional for watching sports
  • Audibly quiet in best modes (although not the quietest)
  • Excellent menu system
  • Attractively styled projector
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