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Epson HC720 Shadow Details 2

Posted on October 5, 2008 by Art Feierman
Here's the re-entry image from Space Cowboys. Click on the thumbnail image for an overexposed version, and look for the details on the right side. This image is found on most recent reviews, Epson on the left, Sony VPL-AW15 on the right:

Now, from The Fifth Element (Blu-ray), the starship scene reveals about as many stars as any projector, even though the background space isn't as dark as the best. The image is just lightly overexposed so the camera can capture the darker stars, etc.:

OK, a relatively new image for your consideration. This from Casino Royale on Blu-ray disc.

This image of the resort at night looks great (these two images are the same "generic" image), but when you click on the images below, you'll see a significantly overexposed version. Look to the bushes, and most importantly the building's roof. I can tell you that with most projectors, the roof detail is so lost that when watching the movie, you either don't see it at all, or if you can, you can make out almost no detail.

Now that's the type of results where we consider shadow detail so important

HC720 bond roof large
DLA-RS2 bond roof over large

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