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HC720 Projector Measurements and Calibration 2

Posted on October 5, 2008 by Art Feierman

Living Room

Why this one was so weird I have no idea: I was looking for results in the 7500 to 8000 range (no more than 8500K at any level), and this is what I found

White (100 IRE) 8891K
Light gray (80 IRE) 10,940K
Medium gray (50 IRE) n/a
Low gray (30 IRE) over 14,000K

Living Room mode took major work. I implemented the following adjustments

Color Temp = Offset

Red 3
Green 0
Blue 14
Red 6
Green 9
B 7

And that yielded:

White (100 IRE) 7142K
Light gray (80 IRE) 7669K
Medium gray (50 IRE) 8268K
Low gray (30 IRE) 8003K

And that looked pretty good, much better than the default.

Dynamic Mode

Default yielded
White (100 IRE) 6576K
Light gray (80 IRE) 6636K
Medium gray (50 IRE) 6468K
Low gray (30 IRE) 6522K

Which looks like a great movie setting, except for two things: First, Dynamic modes are usually for ambient light situations - normally TV, etc., rather than movies, and second, Green is way out of wack, as is common for Dynamic modes, as most manufacturers boost green heavily to cut through ambient light and deliver more lumens.

So, I decided to tame Dynamic mode down a bit in brightness, and up a bit in color temperature, for an almost as bright, but better picture, and here's how

Color Temp: 8000K

Red 2
Green 0
Blue 0
Red 2
Green 0
Blue 2
White (100 IRE) 7377K
Light gray (80 IRE) 7621K
Medium gray (50 IRE) 7754K
Low gray (30 IRE) 7804K

With these settings, green remains very strong (for that extra ummph) at 100 IRE, but tapers back to just being a slight bit high by 30 IRE.

Looks great!

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