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HC720 Projector - Remote Control

Posted on October 5, 2008 by Art Feierman
Epson provides a very nice remote control. Overall, one of the better ones out there. The backlight is nice and bright, and there are plenty of direct access buttons to keep you from needing to go to the main menus.

Starting at the top, as usual, there is a larger green, backlit On button, and a smaller, slightly recessed off button (press only once for off). Next comes the Memory button, which brings up the choice of the nine savable memory settings. To its right is the Color Mode button, which brings up the choice of the color presets (ie. Theater Black 1, Living Room, Dynamic, etc.). With both of these buttons, you get a list.

The next row has the Menu button, and to its right, an Aspect ratio button that works like the two above.

Below all that is the classic menu navigation setup, with the four arrow keys in a round configuration, with a center Enter button, and the Escape button which takes you back a level, is to the right of the down arrow.

Next come the six choices for Source, each with a discreet button.

The bottom area offers six buttons for direct access, respectively to Gamma control, Contrast, Color Temp. and Skin Tone. The lowest two bring up Test Pattern and Screen Blanking.

Way down at the very bottom of the Epson HC720 remote control is the backlight button. The backlight button will turn off automatically 10 seconds after the last button is pressed.

Bottom line: The Epson Home Cinema 720 remote is nicely sculpted to fit in your hand, easy to use with only one hand, has a bright backlight, and the buttons are very nicely spaced, with lots of room between them. Even those with super-sized hands should like this one!

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HC720 Lens Throw and Lens Shift

It doesn't get any better than this. The manual zoom lens has a 2.1:1 range, a touch more than the 2:1 found on most other 3LCD home theater projectors and many times the range of most DLP projectors it competes with. For a 100" diagonal screen, the projector can be as close as (measured from screen to front of the lens) as 10.4 feet and as far back as 22.2 feet. That means if you desire, you can shelf mount in the back of most rooms (depending on room length and screen size, of course).

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